Soni And Socks

Kimberly Colagioia owner of Soni and Socks Place, creates at her kitchen island because as she puts it…”she likes to be in the middle of things”…. Kimberly’s creations include handmade Christmas Ornaments and home decor items such as etched glassware, picture frames, custom kitchen canisters and much more! Kimberly says she has always loved crafting […]

A Little Bit of Trivia….

A little bit of trivia…. Did you know that over 1700 years ago, the Chinese developed solid ink, in the form of sticks or cakes? They used soot and animal glue to produce it. They then shaved off bits of it and mixed them with water, to produce instant ink whenever they had to write […]

How to Make Primitive Grungy Jars

Re-purposing jars (and cans, too!) has become popular as we try to be kinder to our environment and more frugal. Instead of tossing out the glass jars, tin containers, cans, etc. consider turning them into cute primitive home decor accessories. How to make primitive grungy jars is easier than you may have thought. It’s even kind […]

DIY Tinted Glass – 4 Ways How to Color Glass

I’ve been seeing all these great craft tutorials on Pinterest that teach how to color glass. Did you know you can re-purpose and recycle empty glass jars? You can also use this method to turn those dollar store vases into expensive-looking tinted glass. There are slightly different methods to coloring glass so I’m going to […]

Becoming a Hooker – The Art of Rug Hooking

Perhaps not the image that first comes to mind, but hooking, or rug hooking, is very popular these days. There has been a growing interest in this age old craft and many artists are learning how to hook rugs and create beautiful works of art. Rug Hooking is both an art and a craft where rugs are made by […]

How to Embroider: Creating Stitchery for Primitive Home Decor

Learning how to embroider to make your own stitchery is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your primitive home decor.As one of the oldest crafts, embroidery continues to stay popular in many forms including cross stitch, primitive stitchery and machine embroidery. Embroidery as a hobby is very enjoyable because you are able […]

Mulberry Crafters Magazine Winter 2014

Looking for a little reading material for today?  Check out the Winter 2014 issue of Mulberry Crafters Magazine.   Lots of fun stuff to read about. Talena does an awesome job at putting this together.  Great craft tips, some recipes, interviews (of me) and more. Click here to get yours.

Jingle Bells DIY Craft Idea

A great idea using a find from The Dollar Tree! These were found at the Dollar Tree but they were a bright brass color. With a can of spray paint (Red Oxide Primer) simply spray paint the bells! Aren’t they wonderful? A very nice display in an old wooden bowl with some evergreen sprigs. A […]

Wood Slat Stars

Finished piece is 74 by 41 Supply List: *One bundle of lattice fence slat piece replacements (I got mine at Lowe’s) *Desired colors of paint for stars (I used Acrylics from Delta, as well as house paint!) *Stain (I used outside decking stain) *Gorilla glue *Measuring tape *Saw I cut the wood into (5) 37 […]

How to do Stitchery

As I always say…and y’all are probably tired of hearing it!! “I LOVE TO STITCH” What you need to get started: *some muslin *some warm and natural (or a second layer of muslin…if you just have to get started right away, I speak from experience here!) *a pencil *a pattern (coloring sheets are fun to […]