Becoming a Hooker – The Art of Rug Hooking

Perhaps not the image that first comes to mind, but hooking, or rug hooking, is very popular these days. There has been a growing interest in this age old craft and many artists are learning how to hook rugs and create beautiful works of art. Rug Hooking is both an art and a craft where rugs are made by […]

Working with Wool Felt

ACRYLIC, WOOL/RAYON BLENDS, AND WOOL FELT – THE DIFFERENCES Acrylic felt is also known as “crafting”felt. One of the main differences you will notice immediately is that acrylic felt is very easy to find and fairly inexpensive. Wool/rayon blends cost more and are a little more difficult to find in the stores. Pure wool is the […]

How to Add Wool Backing to Punch Needle Designs

Here is one way you can finish your punch needle design, using a felt backing. This is good for ornies or little designs you wish to ???stand alone??? after they are complete. Remove the finished design from the hoop/frame. Cut fabric all the way around the design, to about a half inch from the punches. […]

Tips & Techniques for Punch Needle Embroidery

Some tips & techniques for punch needle embroidery from The Punchin’ Fool: *Punching is much like coloring in a coloring book. It’s best to outline your areas first with a particular color and then fill in with rows of punching. The end result will be clean lines and evenly punched areas. *Consistantly punch just inside […]

Punch Needle Basics

Supplies needed: Punch Needle (we like Cameo, but there are lots available!) Needle threader Weaver’s cloth Interlocking or gripper frame hoop DMC Floss or Wool Small embroidery scissors Pattern and light box (or a sunny window) 1. Trace your pattern onto your weaver’s cloth using a pigma pen (so it won’t bleed) or a Mark-B-Gone […]