Prim Mart is dedicated to serving to the country primitive market. Along with EZ Shoppes and EZ Craft Show, it is our desire to provide some of the best country primitive shopping and marketing services online. Prim Mart, EZ Shoppes, and EZ Craft Show are owned and managed by Anne Berkley.  At no time did the current owner of Prim Mart ever have any association or control over DIYestores.

We understand the frustration and disappointment relating to the recent sudden closure of DIYestores, knowing it has affected many in our community.  Prim Mart has also been hit by this turn of events. It was as much of a surprise to us as everyone else who have used their hosting services. We are currently working on updating our business directory to fix broken links by the closing of the many DIYestores hosted sites. We also are trying clear up the confusion of Prim Mart’s ownership and separation from DIYestores. Over two year’s ago, Prim Mart, EZ Shoppes and EZ Craft Show were separated from DIYestores and sold. In 2014 they were sold again and purchased by Anne Berkley.  We are updating the website to bring up to date and make it both more user friendly and increase its ability to help primitive artists grow their businesses.

As you move forward with your company, we hope to continue partnering with you. You are welcome to update your directory listing by contacting us. We will also be trying to contact every member of our directory. If you are need of shop hosting, take a look at www.EZShoppes.com  as an affordable option. You may also contact Katharine Godbey of www.CreativeSorbet.com. She has been assisting Prim Mart in getting updated and specializes in assisting creative businesses with WordPress Website Setup and Design.