Fox Den Soaps and Crafts

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Patricia Fox and Fox Den Soaps and Crafts!

Welcome to the Fox Den….in the wonderful state of Alaska!!! There they make a great variety of soaps and other bath and body products. Patty uses the best products, mostly natural with fragrance oils from a very trusted company.

These wonderful products are designed to get you clean while leaving you feeling pampered and less stressed. Patty says she is motivated by her love of soap. Using real soap is unlike anything else. She wants the world to discover what good handmade bath and body products can do for them. Fox1 She started this journey because her daughter has skin issues and she was tired of all the harsh things that they were putting on her with little to no results to show for it. “With my products we can keep her skin clear and healthy. Having healthy skin is beautiful no matter your size, age, sex really anything. When you can look in a mirror and say I look healthy you feel better about you and that is I guess what I really want.”

Patty is married for over twenty years to the love of her life with two great kids. Marc is a vet who served this great nation for twenty years in the Army. They have a son who is 15 and a daughter who is 12. “We are a hockey family and I have just started learning to play goalie at the tender age of 41. I must be crazy. We are a happy and weird bunch but we would not have it any other way.” fox9
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