Soni And Socks

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Kimberly Colagioia owner of Soni and Socks Place, creates at her kitchen island because as she puts it…”she likes to be in the middle of things”….
Kimberly’s creations include handmade Christmas Ornaments and home decor items such as etched glassware, picture frames, custom kitchen canisters and much more!

Kimberly says she has always loved crafting (she even studied Fine Arts in college), and she started out making ornaments for family Christmas presents so she could give everyone a special gift for the Holiday! Today this has become a family tradition….her nieces and nephews love the collection they are getting and will have enough for their own trees when they leave the nest.

When asked what makes her passionate about her craft, her answer was the fact that each of her pieces is an original, crafted from start to finish by hand… crafted from ceramic plaster and then hand painted so they are unique and special, and she is happy to create a special one just for you!

Kimberly says her favorite color is BLUE, hands down Blue…..and her inspiration is other people and their passion and excitement for things! “I love to help others and watch them grow, flourish and develop! She has a great creativity, determination, and ability to relate to people and create the perfect gifts.

Kimberly says when she isn’t crafting she runs her Direct Sales Businesses and of course takes care of hubby Michael and their 3 fur babies, Socks, Shea and Sydney.

She says, she has spent her career working with Non-Profits, so it is only natural that she does so today. Her heart will always be with the Boys and Girls Club, and ANY dog rescue group. She also supports a few Corgi (her babies are Corgi’s in case you didn’t know) groups

around the country as well as other Animal rescue groups. I have seen Kimberly do this work and I for one applaud her for her efforts!

As far as things outside of crafting, Kimberly is very proud of her hubby and their marriage, which has seen tough times, which would cause weaker couples to break up over. She says because of these adversities they are stronger than ever. Michael supports her “crazy” crafting business and DS businesses because they make her Happy! And he has helped her grow and flourish as a person. Who taught who Kimberly LOL( See above)

Kimberly says it would be impossible to give up her fur babies, should do anything for them, no matter the cost…

LIST of things she would still like to accomplish

She would love to own her own business and hopefully she will do just that in the near future…

Check out Soni & Socks place right here at EZShoppes kimdog

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