A Little Bit of Trivia….

A little bit of trivia…. Did you know that over 1700 years ago, the Chinese developed solid ink, in the form of sticks or cakes? They used soot and animal glue to produce it. They then shaved off bits of it and mixed them with water, to produce instant ink whenever they had to write […]

Bottle Cap Art

Take your new clean bottle cap and place it onto a piece of wood. You can play around and see which side up you prefer for the final look. Cover the bottle cap with a small folded piece of old fabric. This way they won’t be scratched when you do the next step. Take a […]

Gift Card Holder

Supplies Needed *1 piece of white cardstock *1 5 x 6??? piece of decorative paper. (I used a cream paper with red flowers) *Adhesive (glue runner and glue stick) *1 3 x 3 piece of tan decorative paper or cardstock *Rubber stamp of your choice or you can print the sentiment out on your computer […]

Altered Address Book

Turn a plain journal into a unique altered address book! Supplies: spiral bound journal Assorted scrapbook papers Ribbon glue (I used a glue stick for the papers and a glue pen for the ribbon) embellisments scissors   Lay open the front cover of your journal onto the back of your paper. Measure 1/2″ larger and […]

Stamped Washer Necklace Tutorial

Learn how to create your own unique necklaces in this stamped washer necklace tutorial! Supplies Needed: Metal Stamp Kit Metal washers Hammer Anvil or cement floor Black Sharpie Fine steel wool Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze Ribbon or cord for necklace Extra beads for decoration Directions: I used a 1/8″ set. There are also other […]