How to Make Primitive Grungy Jars

Re-purposing jars (and cans, too!) has become popular as we try to be kinder to our environment and more frugal. Instead of tossing out the glass jars, tin containers, cans, etc. consider turning┬áthem into cute primitive home decor accessories. How to make primitive grungy jars is easier than you may have thought. It’s even kind […]

Jingle Bells DIY Craft Idea

A great idea using a find from The Dollar Tree! These were found at the Dollar Tree but they were a bright brass color. With a can of spray paint (Red Oxide Primer) simply spray paint the bells! Aren’t they wonderful? A very nice display in an old wooden bowl with some evergreen sprigs. A […]

Wood Slat Stars

Finished piece is 74 by 41 Supply List: *One bundle of lattice fence slat piece replacements (I got mine at Lowe’s) *Desired colors of paint for stars (I used Acrylics from Delta, as well as house paint!) *Stain (I used outside decking stain) *Gorilla glue *Measuring tape *Saw I cut the wood into (5) 37 […]

How to do Stitchery

As I always say…and y’all are probably tired of hearing it!! “I LOVE TO STITCH” What you need to get started: *some muslin *some warm and natural (or a second layer of muslin…if you just have to get started right away, I speak from experience here!) *a pencil *a pattern (coloring sheets are fun to […]

Dimensional Fabric Painting

There are several brands of dimensional fabric paint on the market and they are readily available at all craft stores in many colors. Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle in regards to washing and ironing fabrics after using the paint. Ok, here we go! Supplies you need: dimensional fabric paint in your […]

How to Make a Primitive Candle with Lettering

Important!!! Before attempting this project be sure you are familiar with the hazards and dangers of working with wax. Supplies: Plain 3″ ivory pillar candle Tin can or old metal coffee pot Electric fry pan or Presto Pot Drill press with “Forestner Bit” Sharpie Fine point marker Plain paraffin wax Burnt sienna crayon or wax […]

Painted Ceiling Fan Blades

Supply List: *One can of Cranberry color paint. I used regular interior paint on this, and then I used regular acrylic paints for the stars. *Black, mustard, and metallic gold paints. *Sandpaper *Brushes I sanded the blades up a bit, for paint to adhere better. Being as they are not real wood, I felt this […]

No Mold Apple Crumble Pie Candle Tutorial

Awe don’t say you can’t do it! If this waxy woman can you can! It really is much easier then you think! You’ve made real apple pies right? Well think of it as baking with wax! No expensive molds only a bit of your time! I’ve been making a wide variety of candles, soaps and […]

How to Make a Floor Cloth Tutorial

Supplies Needed: Big roll of linoleum or vinyl flooring (found at your local home improvement store. A roll usually sells for around $19.00. You want to buy the thinner stuff (not the thick cushy stuff). Acrylic Paints, Gels and Sealers (depends on what look you want, see notes below) Paint Brushes/Sponges Instructions: 1 Draw out […]

Working with Wool Felt

ACRYLIC, WOOL/RAYON BLENDS, AND WOOL FELT –┬áTHE DIFFERENCES Acrylic felt is also known as “crafting”felt. One of the main differences you will notice immediately is that acrylic felt is very easy to find and fairly inexpensive. Wool/rayon blends cost more and are a little more difficult to find in the stores. Pure wool is the […]