How to Make Primitive Grungy Jars

Re-purposing jars (and cans, too!) has become popular as we try to be kinder to our environment and more frugal. Instead of tossing out the glass jars, tin containers, cans, etc. consider turning them into cute primitive home decor accessories. How to make primitive grungy jars is easier than you may have thought. It’s even kind […]

A “penny” for your thoughts – All About Penny Rugs

In the 1800’s, around the time of the Civil War, thrifty homemakers would use scraps of wool from old clothing, blankets and hats to create designs for mats or rugs. Using coins as templates, they created circles and each piece was then stitched in place using a blanket stitch. Thus, the name “penny” rug was […]

How to Repurpose Old Furniture for Primitive Home Decor

Learn how to repurpose old furniture to give your primitive home decor a fresh look and decorate without breaking your decorating budget. Supplies Needed: Furniture Screw drivers 2 colors of matter finish paints Un-scented white wax candle Sandpaper (heavy, medium and fine grit) Minwax® Gel Stain (Aged Oak) Matte varnish Old Cotton towels or rags […]

History of American Folk Art Paintings

Recently I had the honor of visiting with an American Folk Artist who paints and recreates Colonial Signs as well as other works of the Colonial Period to include painted furniture, blanket boxes, and many other painted items. These works help to preserve our heritage and allow new generations to discover these wonderful pieces of […]

How to Embroider: Creating Stitchery for Primitive Home Decor

Learning how to embroider to make your own stitchery is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your primitive home decor.As one of the oldest crafts, embroidery continues to stay popular in many forms including cross stitch, primitive stitchery and machine embroidery. Embroidery as a hobby is very enjoyable because you are able […]

How to Stretch Your Decorating Dollars

Want to decorate but have a tight decorating budget? Here’s some ideas to decorate your country primitive home and not bust the bank. We all enjoy decorating our homes to reflect our style and make our family a cozy place to live. Finding special handmade pieces, just the right curtain or upholstery, or primitive antique […]