10 Best and Worst Cardio Machines – Treadmills, Ellipticals & Indoor Rowers

There are various types of exercises done at a gym on cardio machines in order to help your body remain fit and strong. One of the most common and fruitful is the cardio group of workouts. It is needless to say that cardio is not much of a fun at all. Unless you are really crazy at achieving your fitness goals, most of the people find it really difficult to get through the 30 minutes of cardio at a gym or on their DrenchFit home gym equipment. However, if you are really smart, you can easily spend much less time on cardio and still spend more calories than others. This is entirely based on the type of workout equipment you use for your cardio.

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10 Of the Worst and Best Cardio Machines

There are several varieties of cardio machines used at gyms and at homes. However, not every machine can give equal levels of results. If you are smart enough, you will use only those machines that do not need much time and still give better results than other cardio machines. 10 of the best and worst of cardio machines have been discussed below.


This is the most common workout equipment in a gym as far as cardio exercises are concerned. It is very easy to use and practically lets your body move in its natural manner. You can walk or run on a treadmill and you can also increase the speed and angle of inclination to make things a bit more challenging.

2.Stair Mill

 This machine gives you the feeling of climbing a never-ending flight of stairs. Do not lean much on the handles in order to get a proper workout.


 Although it is one of the most effective forms of doing cardio, there are still several gyms that do not have a rowing machine. It provides a thorough workout to the entire body and provides a large range of movement that can be equally challenging to you.


Although an airdyne looks really ordinary, it does provide a hardcore workout. The harder you pedal on this machine, the higher will the wind resistance be and the tougher it will get for you.

5.Spin Bike

Although it is not as effective as an airdyne, it is still a great cardio workout machine. Do a long-distance session to get a proper workout.

6.Jacob’s Ladder

In order to get a great workout on a Jacob’s ladder you will have to feel a bit awkward. Once you get used to the machine, you will be able to enjoy the session on it and get a great full-body workout.


This looks like a standing rowing machine and provides a tough upper-body workout. You may stand on a partial squat position in order to get some lower body workout, as well.

8.Arc Trainer

This machine is nothing but a piece of space consumer. It is not suitable for both short and tall people and makes your body move in an unnatural manner.


 If you compare an elliptical with an arc trainer, the latter provides more versatility. However, it is as unnatural as the arc trainer and is also ineffective.

10.Recumbent Bike

This cardio workout machine lets your entire body rest and just allows your legs to move. Your legs are exercised properly in a recumbent bike. If you are looking to purchase a recumbent bike, you could visit Fitnessabout for a list of options.

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