10 Effective ways to securing a US Visa (Tested and Trusted)

Generally, there are two kinds of visas- the Immigrant Visas and the Non-immigrant Visas. The immigrant visas are those whose applications to migrate to America is attended to by America’s embassy in the home country.

The standard before diversifying into the other kinds of visas is that the foreigner to America should be sponsored by a citizen of America or a relative who is a legal permanent resident or intending American employer who fills the petition (the I-130 Petition for Alien Relative) for the foreigner with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Some monies are then paid, and some documents required are submitted at the National Visa Center (NVC).

Where an individual is chosen or selected, the following stage will be the interview at the American embassy in the nation where questions on intentions as to the purpose and intended period to be spent in America will be looked into.

The Non-immigrant visas are issued when the individual is only interested in being in America temporarily for leisure or business.

It should be noted that while in most cases visas are needed with documents as prescribed required before approval to visit a country is given, there are cases where visa is not needed. It is called the Visa Waiver Program. This is a program which includes some select countries, that have been permitted by America to go over for relaxation or for a short business trip not exceeding ninety days without the necessity of a Visa. This is called Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Some of the conditions for the ESTA Visa is that the applicant must not have a criminal record. He must not have been denied the U.S. visa in the past. His main purpose should be to go on tourism, relaxation or business meetings. Entrance into America should be aboard an approved carrier, whether through the air or sea. The individual must also be a citizen of a nation permitted by America to be eligible for this practice.

The ways of securing America visa are as follows:

1. The Immigration focused on Family Visas.

It is a way of securing visa in America as it involves the moving of family members, that is, children, siblings and parents of a Citizen of America or a lawful permanent resident. One of the conditions necessary before this kind of immigration will be effected is that the American citizen or legal permanent resident must prove that he or she has enough income or assets to assist the intending migrants. In view of recent policies, the migration involving the children is given the most attention while that involving siblings is given the least attention.

2. Immigration focused on Inter-country Adoption Visas.

It involves the adoption of orphans from other nations to America. This is a special kind of visa that is only available for the set of individuals.

3. Immigration based on the Diversity Visas.

It involves a class of persons or migrants tagged as “Diversity Immigrants” as they are from nations with relatively less immigration activities to America. Registration is free for this visa.

4. Securing of visa by Transit Visa.

It is a situation where an individual passing through America en route a different nation acquires a visa called the ‘Transit Visa’ which gives him or her that opportunity pass through the land.

5. Securing of visa by Fiancé(e) Visa.

This is an instance where the intending partner of the applicant is a American Citizen and the intent of coming to America is to solemnize there. A visa of this kind would be granted for a term of ninety days after which expires.

6. Employment Visas for Employees of International Organizations and NATO.

It involves direct workers of these organizations with offices in America. It also includes persons who are part of their family and their private employees. While the workers of the these organizations should apply for the G visa, which is of different grades, with respect to whether the person is a direct worker of the organization or part of their family or a private worker of the direct employee, the NATO employee is granted the NATO visa.

7. Securing of visas for Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials.

Diplomats and Emissaries of the Foreign countries can only apply for this kind of visas when they intend to go to America for official business dealing with their government and that of America, then, they would apply for the A visa. However, the Head of State of those countries will be granted the A visa without regard to his purpose of his visit.

8. Returning Resident Visa.

This visa is used when a resident has left America for over twelve months and then he intends going back there. Ordinarily, whenever a resident leaves America for over a year, the presumption is that he has discarded his residency, however, in an instance where extra-ordinary events beyond his control necessitated this, he will be granted the Returning Resident visa.

9. Non-immigrant visa as a Temporary Religious Worker.

This visa is for individuals who want to volunteer in a religious organization in America temporarily.

10.Visa of Criminal Activity.

This visa is for individuals who are victims of some criminal events in or outside America. The kind of visa allotted to this kind of persons is called U Non-immigrant Visa.

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