10 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight


10 Healthy Snacks You Can Eat Without Gaining Weight

Taking better care of our bodies has become a thing of the present. More and more people are discovering ways to invest in their health, which means looking after their waistlines. Those days of gulping down unhealthy snacks have become a thing of the past as more people invest in better healthcare. There are various tasty snacks that you can have on the go or even include in your meal prep. They are inexpensive, and your body will love you for them. Here are ten ways you can enjoy your snack without gaining any weight;

  1. Veggie sticks and hummus 

Julienne-style vegetables are great lunchtime snacks to carry around for work or at home. Most people don’t take enough time to eat a decent meal leading to snacking and fast food runs, but keeping these handy will curb your cravings and be suitable for your tummy. 

  1. Nuts 

A handful of raw nuts is suitable for your gut health and your heart. It helps to reduce your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and depression. 

Try and keep them as raw as possible to avoid counteracting the goodness with too much salt. 

  1. Dark chocolate 

Dark chocolate that is 70% or higher contains loads of flavonoids that reduce heart disease and reduce blood pressure. Enjoy it with specialty coffee for an extra luxurious snack. 

  1. Cucumber slices with cream cheese 

Cucumbers contain mostly water and are seen as a “free” food because it has zero calories. Cut up a few slices and enjoy it with some flavoured low-fat cottage cheese. 

  1. Cherry tomatoes with mozzarella cheese 

This snack is the classic cheese and tomato without the bread combo, and instead of using a salty yellow cheese, you can use mozzarella instead. Sprinkle lightly with herbs and pink salt for extra flavour. 

  1. Biltong 

What is biltong meat? Well, it is only the best red meat snack that you can find. It is low in calories, only 3% fat per 50 grams, and makes up 25% of your daily recommended protein intake. Perfect for enjoying after a session at the gym or in front of the TV. 

  1. Protein shakes 

This snack or meal replacement shake is still at the top of the list of things to eat to stay healthy and fit. Whey protein helps with your muscle recovery and keeps you fuller for longer than a regular sandwich. 

  1. Hard-boiled eggs 

Eggs are one of the most affordable snacks that one can buy and make at home. Why not put a spin on an old favourite by turning ordinary eggs into “Devilled Eggs”. Here’s how:

  • After boiling them, scoop out the hard yolks,
  • Mix them with fat-free mayonnaise and some seasoning
  • place the mixture back into the hollow of the egg white and enjoy
  1. Tuna and avocado 

Tuna is a lean fish and is an excellent source of protein. You can enjoy a cup of tuna with half an avocado for a mix of good healthy fats. You can even transform this snack into a meal if you throw in a garden salad, but it will still be good for you even as a snack. 

  1. Turkey roll-ups

Turkey is a low-fat white meat that is very high in protein. You can readily find it pre-packed and ready to eat at the deli of the supermarket. Here’s how to make the roll-ups:

  • A few slices of turkey meat 
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Cream cheese 

Place the cucumber stick onto the turkey slices with some cream cheese, roll, and enjoy.

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