10 Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

10 Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

Why do you need home office ideas? Home offices are no longer just a trend. After the pandemic, remote work has taken center stage, and home offices have become the norm. While most of you still work from your beds, couches, or chairs, it’s not ideal to do so. Not only does it cause bad body posture but it also leads to blurring the lines between personal and professional space. “One likely side-effect of the pandemic is that more people have become accustomed to and indeed embraced working in home offices. It, therefore, makes a lot of sense to make the environment as comfortable as possible,” commented Ruban Selvanayagam of auction house specialists Property Solvers.

Even if you live in a small space, some good home office ideas can help you separate your home life from your work life. You might think you don’t have enough space, but some of these ideas can really surprise you.

Home Office Ideas for Remote Work

1. Just a Desk and a Chair Can Change a Lot

Why do you need a separate desk and chair for work when you can simply use your dining table? A dedicated office desk and chair can separate your work time from your lunch and dinner time. If you’re worried about the extra space this setup will take, you’ll find uncountable options to choose from.

A small home office setup that includes a desk, a chair, and some storage comes in all sizes. There are also plenty of color and material options to help you match your current room aesthetics. There are plenty of e-stores out there. There’s something for everyone. Take your pick.

2. Create Your Home Office Setup in An Unused Space

If you’re living in a small space, it might be difficult for you to fit everything in one room. Nobody likes clutter, and there is a solution for that. Instead of putting your home office setup in a usual space like the dining area or your bedroom, think of a space that’s unused and even unusual!

In the hallway, a dividing pillar wall, under the stairs, or the kitchen! You have a chance to get creative here. Use different rugs to differentiate the different spaces in one area to make it aesthetically pleasing too.

3. Create an Invisible Office Space at Home

How is this possible? If you use glass tables! They’re transparent. If you’re planning to set up your home office in your larger room like the living room, it is best to use glass desks that don’t look like they’re taking up too much space.

Keep these desks clean and remove all the office stationery once done with your work and the table seemingly disappears. You decorate this desk using spray paint or patterned paper too.

4. An Office Desk Inside a Cupboard

This is one of the smartest ways to save space while also having enough working space in your small home. An old cupboard can easily be transformed into a home office. You can open it only when needed, and when you’re off work, it stays shut, keeping your personal life unaffected.

You save money on buying extra storage because your cupboard already has it. You can decorate the inner sides of the cupboard doors with your to-do list, sticky notes, and postcards.

5. Floating Desks to Save Floor Space

For those who have only their bedroom to create an office space, a floating dressing table could double up as your workstation during your working hours. It isn’t a jarring or protruding piece of furniture so it saves a lot of space.

Keep it clean with less items on the table at all times and you have a piece of furniture that takes up little space while getting a whole lot of work done!

 6. Vertical Storage Solutions to Keep Clutter at Bay

If you don’t have enough horizontal space to convert a cupboard into a writing table, there’s nothing to worry about. While your desk can be set up elsewhere in your home, you can always have better storage solutions.

Look for unused vertical spaces that can be converted into storage. Do you have tall bookcases or even narrow vertical walls that can host storage cabinets? This can help you keep your work items away when you’re off your working hours.

7. Outdoor Home Offices

Sounds like a fancy solution for someone who lives in a mansion. You can create an outdoor home office even if you live in a small space. In fact, more so if you live in a small space. You won’t want to clutter your indoor space and an outdoor home office also does the job of separating your work and personal space.

A small garden or balcony can be perfect places for a home office. And what better than some fresh air and plants to accompany you while you work?

8. Use Your Existing Furniture

Who says that remote workers need to buy new furniture to create a home office space? If you’re short on space and don’t want to spend on buying new furniture, look for unused pieces of furniture in your home.

Do you have bedside tables that are seldom used? Two bedside tables put together can become a work desk for you. Even that lonely chair in the living room that sits uselessly all day can be put to use. Take a look at all your home furniture to see what can be reused to create your home office space.

9. Use a White Backdrop For Your Workspace

You might not have a big space, but you can always create an illusion of one. Having a white backdrop for your home office can do the job. Lighter backgrounds also have a calming effect. They’re aesthetically pleasing and give you the chance to decorate it as you please.

You can decorate it with a collage of photos or pretty wall lights. To create the white backdrop, you can use patterned or plain wallpapers.

10. An Attic For an Office

Does your home have an attic where you dump all the unused items? It’s time to rethink your attic. It’s more useful than just a house of clutter. Get rid of the items you don’t use anymore and put the rest away in other closets.

Revamping your attic to convert it into a home office is a great way to save space. Moreover, it is also a separate area in your home that doesn’t interfere with your personal space.

Home Offices Are Here to Stay

Remote work is on the rise. It wasn’t just a “pandemic trend.” It is here to stay, and so is your home office. It is best to invest your time in thinking about how to make the most of your small space for the long term.

With just a little bit of planning and creativity, your very own home office will be ready in no time. Pick one of these ideas that work the best for your home space to enjoy a good work-life balance.

Happy remote working!

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