10 Kitchen Must Haves for 2021

10 Kitchen Must Haves for 2021

As you know, kitchen renovations can be expensive and time-consuming. But don’t worry! We are here to help you make the process as simple as possible with these 10 features that every kitchen needs today. Ready? Let’s get started!

Charging surfaces

How many devices does your household own? 8? 9? 10? That’s a lot of plugs or jostling to get them powered up. Wireless charging surfaces are convenient, eliminate cords from the kitchen and auto shut off when you’re phone is fully charged.

Smart lighting

Your kitchen needs more than 2 bulbs. Don’t just add more downlights, look at floor height lighting, strip lighting, counter level lighting, and low hanging lights. Suit more times of the day and one’s changing mood.

Pot filler

A little adjustable tap near or on your splashback so you can fill and pot on the stove without having to slosh it across the floor, make sure you get one made of quality materials and installed correctly.

Wheeled tables

Whether it’s your island bench or dining table proper, consider making it portable to allow ultimate flexibility, especially suited for small spaces such as apartments. Lockable wheels are essential.

Pass through cabinets

Another one for small spaces, you can store things without blocking light or the flow into an adjoining space. Make it a wow feature with custom lighting and show off those fancy wine glasses and decanter.

Tiled Countertops

A design revival is making its way onto your kitchen surfaces. Tiled benches and workspaces might seem tricky to maintain, but today’s tiles can be slotted together almost seamlessly so there’s little worry about dirty grout.

Cookbook Built-ins

Sure it may be an ipad or phone you’re working from, but a dedicated space for your recipes to be safely displayed as you Nigella it up, is priceless. Make the mount suitable for actual books and your devices just in case you get your cookbooks out and want to hold them open at eye level.

Indoor herb garden

It’s not as hard as you think! You need planting space in a warmish part of the kitchen near some natural light. An oversized inset groove, with a removable insert, is the dream, but you can easily have pots on your counter or even hanging for some extra design flair. Self-watering systems help those who aren’t the greenest of thumbs.

Double bank cabinets

Have to ceiling cabinets without having to open huge doors each time you get the salt. The ones closest to the ceiling are perfect for lesser-used items and can hinge upwards to open for better access. You’ll have more storage and the perfect spot to stash away those little treats you want to hide.

Smart appliances

Don’t microwave when you can get multifunctional steaming, grill, and broiling ones. Ovens can self-clean, convention, convection, and rotisserie cook all-in-one. Fridges can help you track spoilage and shopping lists and let you know when there’s a problem. As much as we low slow cookers, a multi-cooker will do that and steam and pressure cook. So choose wisely and get more function instead of purchasing single-use appliances. Wifi-enabled versions also make planning ahead easier and help you to check in on food when you’re on the go.

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Not only do we cook and eat, but we work, socialize pack, and unpack for the day, so a well-designed space is essential to enjoy your kitchen for years to come. Take your time to plan well and consult a professional team who can guide you further towards your next beautiful kitchen.

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