10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Before Camping

10 Movies You Shouldn't Watch Before Camping

A pleasant way to spend the day is to connect with nature. It can be very enjoyable and fun. However, when we’re in the middle of the enjoyment, we can remember that a forest can also be something very scary.

Therefore, the following horror movies offer the most intense moments referred to as fear and isolation. This will undoubtedly make everyone tense when camping, if you are planning to take your outside movie projector to enjoy some horror movies, because of what might happen around them. It will be necessary to get an external film projector to live in the tensest moments of those who have lived so far.

  1. Friday the 13th

The interesting thing about this movie is that we see how the counselors of a campsite are brutally murdered when they tried to reopen the place. Having the strongest scenes, if you watch this movie before leaving camp, you will remember some of the scenes in the middle of the night.

This film was inspired by the story of a young man who dies recklessly and absurdly in a forest lake. Beyond that many producers have tried to imitate the plot of this film, the truth is that you should not see it if you intend to spend some pleasant moments camping

  2. The Cabin in the Woods

This movie is another perhaps that can provide some fun and scary moments. This is a horror-comedy that manages to parody the classic horror movies. However, this does not mean that I cannot offer quite tense moments.

This is one of the movies that besides being scary can be a bit of fun, but watching this movie before going camping would not be an excellent idea because as the name implies it takes place in a cabin in the middle of the forest. This is something that will make you think twice.

 3.  The Ritual

In this movie, we will find an interesting story about four friends and a strange creature. Throughout the film, these four subjects took a shortcut through a Swedish forest and will be harassed by this creature throughout the film.

With which it is a film that will show the tensest moments of these four people as they move through the forest. Therefore it is not convenient for anyone to watch this movie if they intend to relax in their camp.

These subjects will find several disemboweled animals and with very strange marks. In the same way, they will meet this strange creature with which each one must face their fears.

 4.  Lake Bodom

In this movie, the plot consists of a trip through a forest that will not end well for the teenagers that make up the group. Therefore, it is another excellent option to enjoy your television, although it is not recommended of course if you are going to make a camp.

Throughout the film, this teenage group will meet a lake with the desire to solve a mystery of some unsolved murders. Therefore it is another story that manages to put the viewer in very tense moments.

  5. The Evil Dead

In this case, a group of friends moves on to one for moments because they will be victims of a demonic presence. In turn, you will find yourself in an isolated cabin of course in the middle of a forest.

Therefore it is not a good idea to watch this movie since this demonic entity will get inside each one making them relieve a great nightmare. Which does not seem to be a very suitable option in terms of movies to watch before leaving camp?

6.  Cub

In this case, a group of young people will undertake a camping trip that will end in a deadly way. Therefore, no one inside the camp will remain safe from the deadly traps placed throughout the forest.

It’s another option that won’t allow you to have some relaxing moments in any camping trip you organize.

 7. The Blair Witch Project

One of the worst movies that you will regret watching before going camping is this option. Three film students will experience their worst nightmares when trying to search a known witch in a forest.

This film is signed in a very realistic and credible way, so it will surely leave you dreaming for several days. It is also presented in the form of a documentary which undoubtedly so that you remember the tensest moments of this movie when you are camping and especially when it is night.

 8. Backcountry

In this film, two people who intend to camp after a romantic trip through a Canadian desert will end tragically. This is because in a short time they will run out of water or food and without a telephone.

Along with it, they end up being stranded in the territory of a terrible bear so they must fight for their lives.

 9. The Burning

On this occasion, a person dedicated to caring for a camp suffers severe burns. This will make him later become a terrible murderer and he uses scissors to stalk his victims. Therefore if you plan to go camping at a similar place do not watch this movie.

 10. Cabin Fever

In this last option, a group of friends must face a carnivorous virus. It is one of the options that incites psychological terror by making anyone feel the incarnate fear. In the same way, anyone who watches this movie will feel uncomfortable beyond day or night.

 Final Words

In conclusion, avoid watching these films at least the day before you will make your pleasant camp so that it does not end up being a nightmare.

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