10 New Home Gifts to Give Your DIY Friend

10 New Home Gifts to Give Your DIY Friend

If your friend has yet to find a home improvement or renovation challenge they cannot handle successfully then it is safe to say your friend is a DIY aficionado. Nothing would warm their hearts more than home renovation gifts from friends or family.

DIY enthusiasts love and appreciate the art and mechanics of building or repairing things. So what options do you have when buying a gift for your DIY friend?

The ideas below are a prime selection.

1. Magnetic Wristband

All DIY enthusiasts will tell you how irksome it is to have to keep looking all over the place for those little metal parts while you work. A magnetic wristband will fix this. It has ten or more powerful magnets sewn into the fabric so the tiny screws and washers can always be on hand right there on your friend’s wrist.

2. Hammer drill

DIY is all about power tools and a hammer drill which is a combination of the functions of a hammer and a drill is one of the best gifts you can get your friend for drilling into wood and concrete.

The greater the power it packs the better.

3. Dust Mask Particle Respirator

DIY is fun and invigorating but there are dangers involved. Working with power tools on drywall, concrete and wood produces dust that could cause respiratory complications not to mention the pests they could encounter in the crevices of the house.

To protect your friend get them a top-of-the-line dust mask that will filter out the finest of particles and spores. Your friend will love you for this one!

4. Magnetic Pickup Tool

This is a very nifty gadget and your friend will appreciate the effort. Considering their hands are clothed in thick work gloves, picking up small items from benches or the floor can be irritating if not impossible.

A magnetic pickup tool could be anything from a metal tube with a magnet or at the end or a magnetized screwdriver. Whatever the case, the pickup tool makes it very easy to pick up something small from a pile which is very handy.

5. Tool Apron

A tool apron will make a fine gift for your DIY friend. The apron provides them with protection for their clothes while furnishing them with convenient holding pockets for their tools and equipment as they work. This makes maneuvering easy and efficient.

6. Personalized T-shirt

Surprise your friend with a creatively customized t-shirt that plays right into their love for DIY and home renovation. Your friend will wear that t-shirt every time a DIY project comes up.

7. Handyman’s Work Gloves

Gloves are a staple for all DIY lovers and an extra pair wouldn’t hurt. For this new pair, however, get them the very latest in design and functionality. Have you ever noticed how often your friend has to take off their gloves to answer their phone, text, or refer to a tutorial while they work? It must be cumbersome.

Get your friend the latest models which come with touchscreen fingertips. These allow you to operate phones or tablets without having to take off your gloves. The tips are also anti-slip which means they do not have to be taken off when downing a glass of water or lemonade while working. Modern work gloves are also made of breathable fabric which stems excessive sweating and discomfort.

8. Deep Drawer Tool Organizer

The sheer number of tools any handy person amasses over time is massive. Serious DIY lovers have a plethora of tools and equipment with most of these implements coming with their own storage gadgetry.

Over time, all these items become difficult to keep up with so a great gift would be a storage box that fits all or at least most of the equipment your friend owns. A deep drawer tool organizer is just the gift for this purpose. It comes with multiple slots and compartments to house as many of the tools as possible.

9. Socket Set

This is a tool every DIY enthusiast must-have. Fasteners are a pivotal component of all renovation and construction work making a socket set equally important. The number of sizes and gauges means a handyman must own many fasteners and related accessories.

A socket set will allow your friend to organize fasteners and fastening tools appropriately which will make accessing them convenient.

10. Head Lamp

Get your friend a headlamp to light their way when working in those tight spaces under the sink and in the attic.


This list is not an exhaustive account of what your DIY friend could possibly appreciate as a gift so be on the lookout for new machinery and equipment as the industry continues to improve and innovate around home improvement and construction.

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