10 Safest Kid-Friendly Vacation Ideas During COVID-19


10 Safest Kid-Friendly Vacation Ideas During COVID-19

1. Vacation House Rental

Vacation homes can be found almost anywhere vacationers would like to be including beaches, mountains, deserts, cities, forested areas, and more. Take a journey and stay at the Tiny House South Australia. Unlike hotels or resorts, people are more socially distanced naturally. Having fun with no mask is possible.

2. RV Vacation

Renting an RV has become increasingly common during the pandemic. The appeal is great, as renting an RV or owning an RV will allow for much freedom, in a time of restrictions. Explore parts of the United States always dreamt of. Each night the RV is waiting for sleepers, so finding a hotel or cabin will never be necessary.

3. Traditional Camping

The pandemic has got many people taking a camping trip they have been meaning to take for years, but never got around to actually going. There are tons of campsites across the United States and camping is an overall social distancing approach to a vacation. Camping grounds are known to be completely booked, so it is vital to make sure a campground has a spot reserved.

4. National Parks of America

From the Grand Canyon to the Smokey Mountains and many other locations, America’s National Parks are a great way to socially distance and have a ton of fun. Hiking, swimming, boating, fishing, and other activities are readily available at these parks. Staying inside the continental American states is a great way to see the beautiful country and experience what the parks have to offer.

5. Wide Open and Spacious Resorts

Hotels and resorts have been opening up to more and more visitors in recent times. Providing great swimming pools and amenities, there is no doubt there will be a great many who take advantage of these larger resorts that allow for reasonable social distance at all times. Each chain and resort may have slightly different Covid-19 protocols, so be certain to check with the resort.

6. Waterparks

There are many waterpark resorts and locations in America. Keeping cool in the summer is a great way to spend a vacation with kids. The slides will keep the kids busy, while parents can relax in a cabana or by the bar. Wet water slides are a great way to have fun and enjoy the summer vacation.

The Mile High City

Denver has offerings that make for a great vacation. Stop by the zoo, which is more than 100 years old, or the children’s museum where kids go in a test kitchen, splash zone, and a bubble-filled dance room. There are many museums and fun activities for families in Denver.

7. Disney World

Disney World is once again open for business. Although a mask is required in the park, families don’t seem to mind. With Mickey and Minnie and all the crew present at the park and along with all the rides and fun activities, Disney World continues to be a great family destination.

8. HouseBoat Rental

Kind of like an RV, a House Boat allows for many freedoms other vacations might not allow. Take the HouseBoat on a river or explore a lake. Some boats come with a slide attached. Many times one or two small families may rent a boat together to make it even more fun.

9. Amusement Parks

Amusement parks across America have begun to open their gates to people who love rides again. Although some social distancing protocols are required, many are enjoying the thrills that only an amusement park can offer. There are a number of parks across the nation and be sure to check with local Covid-19 protocols.

10. Beaches and Space

Head to Florida, which has some of the loosest Covid-19 guidelines in the nation, to take in the Kennedy Space Center. There are many space-related items to look over and learn more about at the center. Enter the simulation of going to space for a wild and fun ride simulation. The resorts and hotels have many amenities to offer their visitors which certainly will help keep the entire family happy.

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