10 Safety Tips for First Time Campers

First time camping is incredibly exciting, but it can also kind of rattle you when you don’t know what it is exactly that you’re in for. Preparedness and research are absolutely key to ensuring that you and your camping clan have the safest, most successful first-time experience possible. Follow these tips to stay seriously safe on your upcoming outdoor adventure!

Choose a safe site

First things first, you’ll need to ensure that you’re heading to a safe and secure campsite. This is easily done with a little research or simply by asking around! Look into the different amenities on offer, check whether the grounds have powered and powered sites, and think about surrounding towns or locations that you might want to visit pre or post camping trip to find the right spot for you. Need a recommendation? Check out theexpertcamper.co.uk/blog/camping/cornwalls-top-naturist-sites for a list of safe campsites you can explore.

Check up on the weather

Next, the weather. In countries like Australia, the weather is usually pretty forgiving for the outdoor lifestyle. The same goes for camping in the southern United States. However, there definitely can be some extremes. For example, camping in Iceland.   Look into the weather forecast for the time that you’ll be setting up camp to make sure that you come prepared with all the correct gear. Always pack the emergency raincoat though, just in case.

Pack and prepare plenty of food

Food is a big one, and often first-time campers underestimate the culinary preparations needed to have a safe and happy trip. Put together a full meal plan for the full duration of your trip and prepare everything needed to create your chosen recipes. You should also bring plenty of dry snacks and maybe even pre-cook and freeze a couple of dinners just in case. When in doubt, bring more food than you think you might need.

Use insect protection

Insect repellent is essential! You’re sending a lovely holiday outdoors, you don’t want to be bitten to pieces the entire time, right? Pack lots of repellent to curb the creatures!

Stay aware of allergies

Check with your entire group for any allergies and keep them in mind when you’re picking a spot! This is a simple step but an incredibly important one.

Keep hydrated

Some campgrounds provide filtered water, others with water that needs filtration and some have zilch, so make sure that you know what you’re getting into before you head off. Staying hydrated is vital!

Watch out for wildlife

A huge benefit of camping is all of the fascinating wildlife that you get to spot and even spend time with when you’re venturing your surroundings, however, you do need to remember that these guys can get dangerous. Stay informed and watch out for wildlife to keep safe.

Always be sun safe

Suncream is essential every day of your life, really, but it becomes especially important when you’re spending days outdoors. Stay protected with suncream, pack a sunhat and avoid the direct sunlight during peak hours.

Stay connected

Now, you’re going camping to avoid your pesky phone, yes. Does that mean you should leave it behind? No. Keep your phone and charger in your camper as a means of communication just in case of an emergency. You should also always let someone know where it is that you’re off to.

Have fun and stay responsible!

Finally, remember that responsible, safe fun is what camping is all about! You’re going to have the time of your life experiencing all the riches that nature has to offer, relax, switch off, enjoy!

Are you ready to hit the great outdoors and get camping? Follow these tips and you’re guaranteed to have a safe, fun first time camping experience that you’ll remember forever!

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