10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Clothes

Spring gets me the mood to clean and organize; so, I put together this list of spring cleaning tips for clothes. Winter is changing to spring and with that comes lighter clothes. It’s a good time to clear away the closet clutter and give your wardrobe an overhaul.

10 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Clothes

Spring Cleaning Tips

Living a country life is often associated with a simpler lifestyle. And, living simpler is done with less clutter in your home. That includes your clothing closets and drawers. You might not have a wardrobe straight out of the fashion magazines, but even a country gal enjoys having a pretty collection of outfits to wear. Now, what if your closet is so piled down with heavy fall and winter clothes that you can’t find what to wear in the spring? Here are 10 spring cleaning tips to help get your clothes under control so you can have organized and usable storage space. Plus, have a functional collection of spring outfits.

Sort it Out

Start by sorting all your clothing. Have piles for different seasons. Check over your clothes. Do you have items that don’t fit? Or clothes are worn out? Instead of stuffing your closet or drawers with these things you’ll never wear, give away or sell the good items and throw out the worn clothes.

Consider the Weather

Different areas of the country need different clothing for Spring. You may want to keep a couple of lighter blazers or jackets around for spring’s cooler days. You can still enjoy spring fashions but consider having some lighter sweaters handy.

Store Away Winter

As you sort out your clothes and put winter items away, consider not only the weight of the fabric but, also, the color.  Items that are richer dark colors for fall/winter wardrobes should be stored away. Keep out Spring/Summer friendly pieces that are lighter and brighter. Storing away unneeded, off-season clothes not only help keep your closet organized but will keep your winter clothes lasting longer when safely stored.

Clean it Out

By now most of your clothes are probably out of the closet and drawers. Vacuum and dust those places before starting to put your clothes away.

New Closet Organizers

Get new storage containers, drawer dividers, and hangers to make organizing a breeze. Plus, they generally give you more room in your closet, too.

Group Items

When putting away your spring wardrobe keep similar items together. Shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc. Some take a step further and group by color. Now you’ll know exactly what you have and where it is.

Look for Gaps

The purging and sorting bring us to our next step: looking for gaps in your wardrobe. Maybe you have a ton of great spring tops but hardly any pants or skirts. Or maybe you have a lot of colorful pieces but lack neutral-colored items to mix with them.

Organize Accessories

Don’t forget to go through accessories. These items make a wardrobe complete, but only if you can find them and they are in good shape. Sort through and organize your jewelry, belts, scarves, and purses. Store away items out of season. Look for gaps like you did with your clothes. Look for some nice storage such as a jewelry display or jewelry box.

Time to Shop

After you’ve cleared out, sorted, and evaluated your wardrobe, make a list of items you need to fill in those gaps. Shop either online or locally for items that fit in. It’s a great time to see new trends, too! Every season brings a new family of popular colors used by designers. Consider choosing a few new pieces or outfits to build your wardrobe up. Look for quality that will last you for the seasons ahead.

Maintain Your Wardrobe

Keep your closet and drawers from becoming a cluttered mess again by using a few minutes each week to organize. As items get worn and washed, put them away in their spot. Dust and Sweep regularly when you clean your room. I hope these spring cleaning tips will help you to have a functional wardrobe you’ll enjoy wearing.

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