10 Things to Know Before Going to Alcohol Rehab


10 Things to Know Before Going to Alcohol Rehab

Entering a drug rehab facility is a huge step forward in beating addiction, but it can give people mixed feelings. Knowing what to expect can help ease any concerns and give you the knowledge to make the most of your time there. We’ve included some key information below to support you before entering alcohol rehab.

Health insurance may cover costs

Residential rehab is a private healthcare service that requires private funding. The costs can vary depending on the type of treatment and the length of your rehab stay. If you have private healthcare insurance, it is worth checking what is covered in your policy. You might find that going to rehab is a service covered in your policy that could dramatically reduce your cost.

Remain open-minded

Alcohol rehab can offer you an abundance of support, Jason Shiers from Wide World Coaching who is a certified Psychotherapist says “without being open to change, the treatment cannot work.” The therapies provided in rehab require your full engagement to practice new techniques and coping mechanisms. This means that you should be willing to make different choices to have the best chance of success.

Medical detox in rehab

Some people feel anxious about completing an alcohol detox because of the withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced. There are risks when you stop drinking alcohol suddenly that present as withdrawal symptoms, but in inpatient rehab, staff can prescribe you detox medication to help ease your physical and psychological symptoms. You will also receive additional support from a team of professionals to help you during the process.

You’ll have a mixture of therapies

There are many therapies that are offered in rehab treatment programmes that everyone participates in. You can expect to receive a mixture of group support, one-to-one therapy and holistic treatments to overcome your addiction. Everybody responds to therapy differently, so having a mixture ensures that your treatment programme can meet your individual needs.

There are some limitations

You may find that your rehab centre has rules that prohibit items with internet access from being brought into the facility (such as laptops, mobile phones or tablets). Please do not be alarmed by this; these rules are to remove distractions and ensure that your progress is not compromised. By removing these devices from your life during treatment, you can focus your full attention on your recovery.

When to consider alcohol rehab

Many people think that rehab only offers treatment for severe addiction. However, waiting for your addiction to worsen before considering rehab puts you at risk of serious harm. Alcohol rehab can support you no matter what your addiction levels, and seeking early support improves your chances of successful recovery.

Peer support

Being away from close friends and family whilst you receive treatment may be difficult for you. However, there will be many other people at the rehab centre on their own treatment pathway in a similar situation. Your treatment programme will include time to relax with other clients with whom you can build positive connections, offering a great source of peer support. Alcohol rehab centers Florida will also have a system for your loved ones to visit you.

You can involve family and friends

During rehab, you will discover the impact that your alcohol addiction has had on your loved ones. This could be through discussions during your one-to-one or group therapy or even through family support programmes. Many treatment programmes involve your family and friends in your recovery journey, so you can repair any harm to the relationships.

Recovery continues after rehab

Recovery from alcohol addiction is a long journey that doesn’t end when your programme finishes. Rehab treatment gives you the tools to manage your triggers and use coping strategies to overcome the addiction. Following rehab, be aware that you could still be tempted by alcohol years later and will use the methods learnt to help the craving pass.

Prepare for a change in lifestyle

Be prepared for the possibility of changing some major lifestyle factors after rehab. You may have some circumstances in your life that fuel your addiction to alcohol, such as negative peers, unhealthy routines or social activities involving alcohol. To maintain abstinence after rehab, you may need to alter your lifestyle to succeed in your recovery.

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