10 Top Tips For Planning An Intimate Wedding

Not every couple’s romantic fairytale wedding involves inviting 300 people to witness them tying in the knot in a lavish OTT setting. For some people, a wedding that is small and intimate ticks all the wish list boxes.

If you and your future spouse love the idea of exchanging rings and vows without fuss, or the company of extended families, friends of friends, and acquaintances you haven’t seen for years, a micro wedding is absolutely perfect for you.

If the privacy and exclusivity that an intimate wedding offers are appealing, you can find the ideal alternative wedding venue and create your wedding invitations for a select number of guests.

10 Top Tips For Planning An Intimate Wedding

To help you plan the intimate wedding of your dreams, here are our top 10 tips…

The Guest List

Before wedding planning can get into full swing, it’s crucial that you and your beloved put together the guest list. There’s no need to follow tradition and to invite all and sundry, as it’s perfectly acceptable to limit the number of guests that you invite to your wedding.

An exclusive and intimate wedding usually involves you and your partner, plus your nearest and dearest. This could be about 50 people in total, or as few as 20. You can create your wedding invitations for the small number of guests that you would like to have in attendance at your wedding ceremony, and extend invitations to other guests for the evening reception. It’s entirely up to you!

The Budget

Just because your dream wedding is small and intimate doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll save tons of money on it. You may decide that you want a micro wedding that is exclusive and luxe.

Before you can go ahead and create your wedding invitations, it’s essential that you figure out how much you have available to spend in total. You’ll need to consider all of the key elements, like the venue, reception, wedding suppliers and vendors, and of course, your wedding attire. When you know what you can afford to spend you should be able to work out the cost per head.

The Venue

Once you know your budget you can start looking for the perfect venue for your intimate wedding. Ideally, the venue should complement the size of your wedding party. Do bear in mind that intimacy can be hard to create in a venue that’s designed for large numbers of people. Also, if your venue is too small for your exclusive guest list, it could look like you’ve skimped on costs.

Think about whether you want to get wed in a church, a registry office, or somewhere less traditional. Having fewer guests in attendance also opens up the options that you have available for your wedding reception. As the bulk of your wedding budget will be spent on the wedding venue and the wedding vendors, it’s important to choose an intimate venue that truly inspires you.

The Guest Experience

As you and your spouse are able to spend quality time with your select family and friends, the guest experience is often richer in a wedding that is intimate. You can also include bespoke touches that make your micro wedding feel special and exclusive.

Having a limited number of guests means that you can plan your big day in finer detail, to ensure that everyone has an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

The Theme

One of the reasons why couples opt for an intimate wedding is that it allows them to break away from tradition, and to more fully express individuality, personality, and creativity. The theme and colour scheme of an intimate wedding can reflect and complement your style as a couple.

Your wedding theme can provide inspiration for your wedding venue decoration, entertainment, and even the food that you serve guests at the reception. When you create your wedding invitations you can showcase the theme or feature a hint.

Overall, the theme of your intimate wedding gives you an opportunity to make the big day your own.

The Wedding Invites

The wedding invitation is the official notification of your plans to get hitched. It’s therefore important that you create your wedding invitations in a style and design that stands out.

You can personalize wedding invites by choosing luxury paper, elegant calligraphy, and a unique design. Alternatively, as you don’t have a huge amount of guests to send invites to, you could show off your artistic skills by handcrafting your personalized wedding invitations.

The Décor

As your intimate wedding venue will ideally be smaller in size you can focus on adding detail to your décor. Your wedding theme will provide you with inspiration on how to beautifully decorate your venue space.

You could decide to have a designer wedding cake or to engage the services of a sommelier to ensure that the glasses of your exclusive guests up topped up with the finest champagne.

The Photography

Every newly married couple wants to have stunning photos of their special day. At an intimate wedding, it’s possible to create photos that capture magical and romantic moments, and the story of your day as it naturally unfolds.

Fewer guests at your wedding also means that you’ll have more photographs of the people that you love the most.


For many couples, an intimate wedding is appealing because it’s a private affair. If your dream wedding is intimate, keep it discreet by asking guests to enjoy the celebration with a social media ban.

The Rules

The beauty of an intimate wedding is that you and your beloved can set or break all of the rules. Make it a day to remember, by planning an intimate wedding that delivers your wishes.


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