10 Wedding Flower Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Since times ancient, flowers have been an integral part of one and all weddings. Originally, brides carried flowers as a custom in Rome and Greece as a symbol of fertility. Fast forward to modern times; they are chiefly used for aesthetic needs. Over the past century, people have witnessed the ebbing trend of flowers in the shape of floral crowns during the ’80s. Wedding flowers are now more about bringing a touch of color or greenery besides other decorations. With the onset of 2020, the impending wedding season is once again ready to witness new wedding flower trends, like every year! Read on to find out more.

Wedding Flower Trends

Organic and Naturally Styled

Blooming masters have witnessed a general shift in demand for wedding flowers that looks more “naturally styled” and “organic” as well. Besides, adding wooden elements to the main table has also shown a spike, especially for all those who prefer a rustic look. Stone and marble tops are also back in fashion quite strongly.

Bouquets That Carry Personality

Weddings are always about expressing themselves as a couple, and the idea further extends to the kind of flowers one chooses. Floral experts opine how couples are now looking away from Pinterest-inspired designs and seeking newer ways to have their floral decorations designed in a way that reflects the traits of a couple’s personality and includes the same to it.

Whether it is a simple outdoor wedding amidst the greens or a five-star hotel-themed wedding, flowers suit both occasions. If you want to woo your newly wedded wife and make her feel special, you need to get the best bouquets from a top-rated flower store. Ensure that you are using the element of surprise and gifting her the bouquet when she least expects it. This is sure to create some extra special moments between you two.

There’s No Denying “Minimalism”

With 2020 setting the ground right for many couples to tie the knot, people are more inclined towards adopting a less-is-more approach with minimalist ideas. The trend is such, where one seeks flowers that are more naturally styled with minimal touches by the blooming master. Besides the apparent fresh arrangements, dried flowers bouquet & potpourries continue to be a wilful inclusion across several decorative offerings like posies, buttonholes, and bouquets.

The More, the Merrier

While foliages have had predominance in past weddings, 2020 might just be the year where flowers will have an upper hand. Now, this could be in the form of floral decorations like arches or floral walls (Kardashian inspired design) or suspended installations. No matter what, the excessive foliage that we have witnessed in the recent past is about to take a backseat, as this year is predicted to be the return of flowers.

 An Urge for Floral Grown Locally and Eco-Friendly Environment

Some blooming masters take to planting trees each wedding, which makes way for a huge demand from couples, preferring to use locally grown flowers. The beginning of each New Year witnesses many couples getting married. The trend is set at achieving a more aesthetic edge with flowers that are locally sourced. As such, they are suitable for the environment as more wedding flower suppliers will be looking at multiple ways to lessen environmental impact by resorting to use flowers that don’t dry or wither away soon. Also, when locally grown flowers are sourced for a wedding, meeting multiple voluminous arrangements can be done easily. Take large-sized altar arrangements for instance, when the decorations need to be transported in a vehicle to the wedding venue to be reused.

 Toned Down Colors

With a view to complement all things natural, the wedding flower trends are set for working with more neutral colors and schemes that are toned down. Differences in subtle tonal shades and variations in color combinations are a wilful choice these days. Most likely, there will be few bold colors at the forefront, leaving one with undertones and little nuances. In all probability, natural tones are all set to become more and more visible, with colors like green and white playing a dominant role. Coral and cream shades shall continue to linger for quite some time, and one can expect a little bit of educated experimentation. However, the Pantone color for the year 2020 is already set as “Classic Blue” (Don’t ask me why), and no wonder a majority of floral decorations this year will be inspired by the same color.

The Changing Game of Centerpieces

Centerpieces for wedding tables are definitely on the move. Simple designs that are also non-restrictive in every manner are bound to set the tone of the day, which, in essence, shall add to the feel of space and set a more natural flow to every other decor element. Bygone are the days when guests had to play along with a setting where low floral arrangements on the table prevented each other from seeing. Furthermore, couples shall continue to seek towards creating multiple off-the-table statements that include floral structures in the shape of arches and suspended installations, which has become a favorite choice and still continues to be so, to entice and lure all guests.

Nude & Pastel Shades

As couples kick out wedding traditions right out of their door, the pastel and nude shades for flowers have been a welcome change to the otherwise traditional and mundane choices. Blush and pale pink flowers have necessarily replaced the white florals, which have always been the favorite flower of choice for the bride. Sweet peas and garden roses appearing in rustic shades were among the most preferred blooms that have shown constant dominance across major wedding scenes in 2018 and 2019.

Deconstruction is a Welcome Change

A deconstructed design is another such flower trend that is set to replace large or elaborate arrangements where the use of single stem flowers is abundant. Take roses, for instance, when displayed across in a row of vases paired against similar colored blossoms kept in a cluster. Or long stem flowers like delphinium strung from side to side to give shape to a particular styled floral backdrop.

Green, but Bleached

If you are having thoughts of including greenery bleached white would falter the very reason for adding it to a bouquet, think again. Recent wedding flower trends have witnessed how blooming masters and floral designers have embarked on bleaching plants, that are otherwise leafy and green. Thus, the washed-out look is back in full swing and all set to influence the wedding scenes across 2020.

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