11 Purchases To Make If You Love The Vintage Lifestyle

11 Purchases To Make If You Love The Vintage Lifestyle

The vintage aesthetic is having a resurgence despite the rise in modern living and technology. Whilst industrialism and the tech progress we face every day grows stronger, many of us are yearning for a simpler life whether it’s to help the environment, save money, or just because it feels and looks cool. If you love the whimsy that past decades have to offer you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of the coolest purchases you can make to live a more authentically vintage lifestyle. Check out our top ideas below!

A Classic Set Of Wheels

As any car lover will know, you are what you drive. A classic car will make out stand out from the crowd. Be prepared to put a little more love into an older car as they do need more regular maintenance, but you’ll be the envy of any vintage lover out there. If your lifestyle means you need something a little more heavy-duty, why not opt for a cool 70’s Ford truck that is functional as well as a highly sought-after model?

A Proper Jewellery Box 

If Downton Abbey is your vibe then trawl your local antique stores for a genuine pewter or silver jewelry box. Ask the dealer to verify its origins and if it’s to your liking take it home and fill it with vintage jewelry

A Roberts Radio

While old school Roberts radios are difficult to come by, vintage lovers will be happy to know they’ve had a resurgence with a modern twist. Roberts now produces radios that have DAB and Bluetooth capabilities that look just like their older counterparts. They’re perfect for blasting your favorite Frank Valli and the Four Seasons playlists from! 

A Retro Telephone

Forget your latest iPhone and get a retro 1970s rotary telephone for your home. Pastel shades give off a cool 70s vibe that will make your home look beautiful. You’ll just need to get practicing with the wheel so you can perfect dialing out!  

Edison Light Fixtures 

Rather than sleek contemporary lamps, use Edison-inspired bulbs that have a cool filament to jazz up boring light fittings and fixtures. A steampunk design will make your house look vintage, without being out of place in a more modern home. 

A Vintage Cocktail Set

If you love the roaring 20s then you need to invest in a classic prohibition cocktail set. You’ll feel like the Great Gatsby as your serve drinks to all of your nearest and dearest and can make drinks inspired by the man himself. You’ll totally feel as though you’re in the depths of a smoky speakeasy. All you’re missing is a jazz singer and flapper dancers!

A Vintage Camera

Instead of the modern digital cameras, we have now, vintage cameras use proper film to capture special moments. If photography is your passion then adding a vintage camera to your kit is a beautiful way to carry around a little piece of history. You can use it to shoot you’re your favorite retro items like classic cars and vintage fashion!

A Parasol 

The sun is bad for your skin and ladies of the past took firm action to ensure they stayed as wrinkle-free as possible. While the modern era is full of botoxed grandmothers, a far easier way of staying safe in the sun is a vintage parasol. Plus you’ll look super pretty and elegant to boot! 

A Swing Dress

If the Pink Ladies are your style icons then a swing dress is the perfect purchase for you. look for bright colors and polka dot patterns for an authentic feel. You can even hit up your favorite thrift stores for some real 1950s swing dresses that you can Bunny Hop the night away in! 

A Rolling Bar

Your new cocktail set will need a resting place, so purchase a vintage bar on wheels to display your beverages! You can add some vintage glass decanters to pretty up your new piece of furniture. It’s will give your home a vintage edge and serve as extra storage space.

A Record Player 

If a radio isn’t your vibe then invest in a proper record player so you can spin all of your old vinyl. Modern versions even have Bluetooth integration so you can enjoy the old and the new, all in one place!  

Which of the vintage pieces will you be adding to your collection? Share your favorite items in the comments below!

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