11 Skincare Tips For Tweens

The challenges that teen skincare poses are fundamental due to hormonal fluctuations that cause enlarged oil glands. It results in oily skin, causing blackheads and large pores. Each person’s skin is different, and the skin issues you are experiencing may not be the same as your BBFs. With these tips, however, you can keep your skin clear.



If you have oily skin, a gel or foaming cleanser is best for daily skincare. Cleanse at least once a day or if your skin tends to get particularly fatty through the day, then twice daily. For teens with dry skin, a milky cleanser and moisturizer work best. To protect skin from getting wrinkles later in life, use products with natural AHA ingredients.

Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed

It is never a great idea to go to bed without removing your makeup first. If you are too tired after a night out, at least use a cleansing wipe to remove most of the dirt, makeup, and oil. If you frequently go to bed without taking your makeup off, it can result in an acne breakout, or you can develop periocular dermatitis (bumpy rash). Clean skin makes pimple cream more effective then if you don’t take your cleansing routine seriously.

Oil Control

Your aim is to reduce the shine but without being too harsh on the skin. You can use a simple three-step skincare routine for oil control that includes using a salicylic acid cleanser, using oil-free primer and blotting oil through the day with specialized tissues or wipes.


Exfoliating is essential in a beauty routine as it helps to promote skin regeneration. Try exfoliating at least once or twice every week, using microderm products that are not abrasive. Avoid scrubbing, and don’t over-exfoliate.

Buying The Right Acne Products

When you experience breakouts, try following this approach: Cleansing, toning, and applying a medicated gel. When it comes to tween natural skin care, don’t fall for overpriced brands that promise results that sound too good to be accurate and instead keep it simple.

Avoid Sharing Makeup

It’s not a good idea to share makeup since you’ll be sharing the germs too, especially lip and eye products.

Keeping Hands Clean

One way in promoting healthy skin and protecting it cross-contamination of dirt and bacteria is by washing your hands before doing your makeup or touching your face. Also, clean other devices that touch your skin frequently, such as your cell phone.

Using Spray Hair Products

If you notice acne breakouts generally forming around your hairline or other areas where your hair touches your skin, it may be your hair products that are the problem. Consider using spray products instead, which are less likely in causing breakouts.

Using Sunscreen

Using sunblock can help with keeping acne breakouts from going dark. Choose an oil-free Korean sunscreen and apply cosmetic products like a liquid foundation that is containing sunscreen.

Avoiding Tanning Beds

It is better to choose a self-tanner to give you a healthy bronze glow since sun tanning, and tanning beds can give you early wrinkles and increase the risk of skin cancer when you’re older.

Talking To A Dermatologist

Booking a consultation with a dermatologist at a skin clinic about your acne can make a substantial difference, particularly if you have severe and painful acne that leaves scars. They can remain for a lifetime. A dermatologist can prescribe acne medications and cleansers that can clear your skin more effectively and quicker than standard over-the-counter products. You can also check an interesting inoar keratin treatment review here.

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