11 Tips To Improve Home Security And Deter Burglars

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, you can never take too many precautions to prevent burglaries. In addition to losing your prized possessions, a break-in can make you feel unsafe and vulnerable in your own house. In this post, we’re sharing some effective and reliable ways to enhance your home security and deter burglars. Take a look.

1. Lawn Upkeep

Overgrown trees and bushes make the perfect hiding spot for burglars. Regularly trim your hedges and keep up with lawn maintenance to eliminate such blind spots.

2. Outdoor Lighting

In addition to lawn upkeep, you should also install lighting in your lawns, walkways, driveways, and other outdoor areas. A well-lit outdoor area will discourage burglars from targeting your house. You should explore solar-powered outdoor lighting options to keep your energy bills in check.

3. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are an excellent addition to your home, which add convenience as well as act as a tool to deter thieves. An unexpected motion-activated light will do a good job of catching burglars by surprise and scaring them off.

4. Invest in Home Security System

A home security system is a must for your home. Home security technology has advanced quite a bit in the past few years as there is a wide range of systems available and you can easily find one that suits your needs. Since the security of your home relies on this system, it would be best to hire an experienced professional for installation.

5. Install CCTV Cameras

Along with a burglar alarm system, you should also consider installing CCTV cameras. Some of the best places for CCTV installations are the front door, back door, rear windows, and the top of the stairs. Today’s modern CCTV systems allow you to access the footage on your smartphone and keep an eye on your house when you’re away.

6. Reinforce Windows & Patio Doors

In addition to a strong door, it’s crucial to ensure other points of entry are secured. Replace your windows with shatter-proof glass, install a robust locking system and planters to prevent anyone from climbing up. It is also important to ensure the patio door is secure.

7. Hide Valuables

Even if an intruder gets past your front door or somehow enters the house, you should keep all your valuables locked away in a safe. Moreover, avoid putting expensive decor and trinkets on display.

8. Don’t Keep a Spare Key

It is common for people to hide a spare key under a rock or potted plant in case they get locked out. But even if you hide a spare key well, burglars are experts at spotting spare keys. To be on the safer side, don’t keep a spare key under your welcome mat or any other obvious place.

9. Neighbourhood Watch

It would be mutually beneficial for you and your neighbors to create a neighborhood watch. Everyone in your neighborhood will look out for each other as a community by reporting suspicious activities.

10. Avoid Discussing Holiday Plans

Avoid discussing your holiday plans loudly in public and especially don’t announce it on social media. It’s crucial to understand social media safety and security, particularly if you’re always traveling. You should ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your house when you’re not home.

11. Get a Friend to Housesit

If you’re going out of town for more than a few days, it’s best to ask a friend to stay over instead of leaving the house empty. Ask them to remember to turn on outdoor lights and collect your mail, so it doesn’t pile up and indicate that no one’s home.

Final Words

Don’t wait for a burglary to realize the importance of proactive security measures. Make sure your home is equipped to deter thieves and trespassers and ensure round-the-clock safety.

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