12 Ways to Hire Storage Services from a Moving Company

12 Ways to Hire Storage Services from a Moving Company

Gone are the days when you had to search high and low for a reliable storage service that was affordable and trustworthy. The storage industry has flourished rather rapidly in the last five years, with hundreds of storage sights scattered throughout the UK. If you, too, are searching for a storage company, you landed at the right place!

Finding a reliable storage unit is no longer a tough job. With so many amazing options, you can easily find a perfect match according to your requirements. One great news is that many moving companies are also providing storage services at an affordable price point. People who are overwhelmed easily can hire a moving company to pack, transport, and store their belongings for a hassle-free experience.

Hire online

Luckily, every business nowadays has an online presence, and the same goes for moving companies. You can hire your preferred moving company by searching for it online. Most of the companies have detailed price lists displayed on their websites for clients’ assistance.

Aside from the ease and convenience it provides, you will find that having the option to reserve a storage unit online means you can do it from virtually anywhere in the world! The internet makes everything accessible, even storage units, no matter where you are in the world!


You can also go to visit the moving companies’ offices in person. This way, you can have a look at their storage house for complete satisfaction. Going to check the storage facility in-person will leave you satisfied and tension-free.

Through advertisements

Moving companies often tend to advertise when they are expanding their business. You can check out local listings to get hold of good storage deals as well. Although this method is old-school, you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcomes. You can snatch a pretty good storage deal through local newspaper listings.

Word of mouth

Moving companies are working in full swing due to their insatiable demand. Word of mouth spreads faster than the fire, and if you have a big social circle, you will get to know about the services, prices, and level of professionalism of your short-listed companies soon. People like to give suggestions and advice, and you can also ask around for more insight.

Friends and family

You will hire a moving company to store your belongings only when completely satisfied with its professionalism. Ask around from your friends and family to give you honest suggestions if they tried any storage service. By asking for suggestions from your loved ones, you will decrease the chances of being hit and miss.

Schedule an appointment

You can schedule an appointment to get first-hand information from your preferred moving company. By arranging an official meeting, you will get all your answers regarding pricing, time duration, storage facilities, and other terms and conditions. You can get your queries sorted by the company’s representative.


Sometimes we are unaware of lots of things around us. A quick internet search will disclose hundreds of moving companies, but you will get refined results if you target your search for moving companies with storage services. After checking out some websites, you can then hire a moving company to take care of the storage of your belongings.

Comparison websites

Comparison shopping websites are a shopping phenomenon that quickly gained popularity for people who prefer online shopping to in-person shopping. With comparison websites, you can compare the prices, products, and services of all the companies. Luckily there are many comparison websites for storage services too, you can have a side-by-side analysis at these websites and easily choose the cheapest deal. It’s a great way to save money and hire reliable service providers.

Market survey

You can take a day off to go on a scavenger hunt, but it’s for a storage company this time. You can get a pretty good idea of market trends just by taking rounds at two or three moving companies. You will know about their pricing and storage process. You can also negotiate a good deal on a storage unit in person.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are great for everyday convenience and efficiency. Countless mobile applications help improve our quality of life in one way or another. Like all businesses, moving companies also have mobile applications to be accessible anytime, anywhere easily. You can check out the mobile applications of popular moving companies to see whether they offer storage services or not.

Logistic companies

Many logistics companies have departments for domestic moving. The big-shot logistics companies often work with corporate clients, but you can always call and confirm beforehand. Logistic companies who specialize in moving can also have a department reserved for storage.

Give yourself time

Matters like moving or storage don’t get done overnight. These tasks require time and need planning for months. If you have to move to Brighton after six months, it’s high time you start exploring your self-storage options in Brighton in advance. Moving companies and storage services are easily accessible nowadays, and you too can get an amazing deal easily.

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