13 Delicious Foods That Are Worth Trying

Food has been connecting civilizations for centuries. All our gatherings and festivals are based on the celebration of ‘food.’ A plate of food is a story that unfolds as you devour it. If you are someone who loves traveling and trying foods, we understand how you are always in search of delicious food.

Here are 13 delicious foods that are worth trying.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

A tempting dish that will set your taste buds on fire. A Singaporean favorite, Hainanese Chicken Rice, is what food dreams are made of.  Hainanese rice is made of perfectly cooked rice along with the poached chicken.

The rice is seasoned and tossed in a wok along with the shredded chicken. The dish is topped with cucumber relishes. The balance of flavor in this dish makes it perfect for any time. The salt, spice, and the acid hit your taste buds, and you will get lost in the wonderful world of flavors.


The decadent Italian dish is one of the most delicious dishes you will ever eat. Risotto is a creamy, rich dish cooked with a broth. The broth base can be of meat, vegetables, and seafood.  Butter, heavy cream, white wine, and parmesan cheese are added to it to bring it to a thick, creamy consistency. This dish requires a lot of attention, and constant simmering will give you wonderful results

Ramen noodles

Ramen noodles are the ultimate comfort food. The broth is a flavor bomb. The broth contains long flavorful noodles, a meat-based broth, and several vegetable garnishes. This is the filling food for all your meal needs.


Xoi is a Vietnamese dish that can be serve as a sweet snack or a savory meal. It is made from glutinous rice. If it’s served as a snack, it usually contains roasted peanuts, fruits and coconut milk. If it’s made as a main dish, it usually contains chicken or pork. Xoi is one of those rare food names that start with X that not many people know about.


Churros are delicious pastries that are a staple in Spain. Churros are long thin pastries that are dusted in cinnamon sugar. They can be dunked in hot chocolate, caramel sauce, and indulgent dulce de leche. They taste best when served hot.


This middle eastern pastry is loaded with nuts and delicious frosting. The layered filo sheets with the blend of nuts and aromatics make this dish irresistible.

Biscuits and gravy

The famous English breakfast (and American comfort food, too) is a no miss on the list of the most delicious foods. The soft dough biscuits and the creamy gravy are a match made in heaven. Dig into a steaming plate today.

Pav Bhaji

This delicious fast food from India is a vegetarian delight. The spicy gravy made with spices and mashed vegetables is an indulgence. The warm buttered buns served with the Bhaji make this the best combination ever.


Borscht is a warm Ukrainian soup made with earthy beetroot and fresh sauteed garden vegetables. It is both hot and cold.


If you haven’t tried kimchi, you are missing out on the best-fermented dish. This is a Korean dude dish made of spices and Chinese cabbage.


Swiss cheese fondue is the ultimate sin. The slowly melted cheese served with bread and vegetables to dip in is the best thing you can eat.


Ceviche is the ultimate fine dining food. This is made of raw seafood that has been cured in a delicious marinade. This is merely elegant food you shouldn’t miss.


The Spanish cheese tortilla is the best comfort food you will eat. The grilled folded tortillas with a meat and vegetable filling and delicious cheese is the food made in heaven. The sour cream and tomato salsa, along with the quesadilla, is the ultimate marriage of big, bold flavors.

Food is the culmination of years of stories and experience. It’s the love and celebration of existence. These dishes are a must-try in everyone’s life. Try them today and be lost in the beautiful world of flavors.

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