15 Must-Have Scrapbook Supplies To Start Out

15 Must-Have Scrapbook Supplies To Start Out

When you light up with an idea to get started scrapbooking you might lose the fire pretty soon trying to figure out what exactly do you need to start with. Scrapbook stores with so many products offered by the vibrant scrapbooking industry can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. Let’s sort out everything, so you have an idea where to begin. Also, you can visit https://printedmemories.com/pages/diy-photo-album-scrapbook to explore your option on how you can instantly create a customizable photo album scrapbook straight from your social media gallery. Here are 15 must-have scrapbook supplies you should focus on to get started creating lovely scrapbooks. You can shop all of them at Craft Online:

1. An album

The D-ring/Three-ring albums are highly popular since they allow switching pages around easily.

First of all, select the size of an album to work in. The most popular formats are 12”x12” and 8.5”x11″. Then think about the theme of your album to choose the appropriate color or pattern.

2. Refill pages

Once you buy the album it is better to buy also a few packs of refills for that album, since they are not standard sizes. That will save you from hunting the refills later.

3. Cardstock/Solid Colored Papers

Besides photos, perhaps, the most important thing is scrapbooking paper. Pick the colors that fit the style and theme you chose for your album. Also, don’t forget — you need acid-free and lignin-free papers so that your scrapbook lasts for years without yellowing.

4. Patterned Paper

This paper can become a decorative element on your layout or form the foundation of your page. There is a wide range of patterned paper that may differ by design, paper weight, texture, and finish. Think about your basic color theme and a basic idea of the whole album to pick out the right pattern.

5. Scissors

A nice sharp pair of scissors is one more necessary thing among scrapbook supplies. It would be better if your scissors are dedicated to your scrapbooking only, so you can be sure they are always in place and always sharp.

6. Adhesive

The main thing you should know about adhesive for scrapbooking is that it must be acid-free to prevent the yellowing of your pages. There are many kinds and styles of adhesives (tape runner and/or liquid). The most favorite among scrapbookers’ are Herma Vario Wheel Dispenser, Herma Dotto Removable, and 3L Click ‘n’ Stick Mounting Squares.

7. Journal pens

You will need permanent pens for handwriting in your album. Take pens with a fine tip on one end and a wide tip on the opposite end. That will allow you to handwrite both titles and normal text.  As well as adhesives, the pens for scrapbooking must be acid-free.

8. Embellishments

Items that are used to decorate a scrapbook — special buttons, 3-D Stickers, tapes, flowers, chipboard frames, photo overlays with foil accents, and many, many more. Embellishments are what make scrapbooking so exciting.

9. Paper trimmer

A paper trimmer will bring a high level of precision to your scrapbooking project. This is the cutting tool with inbuilt rulers which allow you to make very precise cuts. Choose the trimmer with a measuring deck of a full 12″ so you will get the maximum possibilities for cutting pages of any size.

10. Page protectors

Beautiful scrapbook pages that you will create need to be protected from dust and dirt. For this purpose, you have to buy special page protectors. Don’t forget to check if they are acid-free and whether they fit your type of album.

11. Scrapbook Kits

Save your time and outsource all the coordination work to professional designers who make a scrapbooking page kit for you. With the ready kit, you don’t have to think about how to match all the elements and put them together nicely.  There are many different types of scrapbooking kits — album kits, embellishment kits, and page kits.

12. Storage & Organization

If you don’t want to get lost in tons of cardstock pieces, patterned papers, buttons, stickers, and other scrapbook supplies, consider buying a decent organizer. It prevents you from wasting your time searching for specific items and will keep your working area perfectly clean.

13. Circle cutter

Sometimes you need a perfectly round piece for your idea. Then a circle cutter will come to the rescue.  A circle cutting attachment has a pin at the center of the circle that functions as a pivot and guides the rotary tool. As a result, you get a cleanly cut round hole in any material.

14. Ideas to inspire you

Don’t hesitate to browse for layout galleries and free scrapbook page sketches on the Internet to get inspiration for your own beautiful scrapbook page.

15. Photos

Finally, the key element which everything was started for. To make your scrapbook more emotional and interesting for watching, choose photos that can tell a story, trigger emotions, and evoke memories.

All above mentioned is an essential platform to start your journey in the universe of scrapbooking. And once you start it’s hard to stop. Eventually, you will want more albums, more paper, a more sophisticated design, and more embellishments. The good news is that all those things you can easily shop online. So, go ahead and dive into the wonderful world of scrapbooking.

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