15 Quick Cleaning Hacks

15 Quick Cleaning Hacks

Everyone loves having a clean house, but for some, getting to that point is a challenge. And let’s face it, cleaning is a hassle: its time consuming and not exactly the epitome of fun. With all the different rooms, surfaces areas, and different messes to clean, cleaning is not the favourite thing to do on anybody’s ‘to-do list’. The chore of cleaning has been combated by cleaning hacks, which are essentially mini problem solvers to help you get things done quickly. Whether it’s DIY, home décor, hair & beauty, or cleaning, hacks are a great way to make tasks seem a little less insurmountable. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our 15 best quick cleaning hacks to ensure that next time you tackle your house, cleaning is less stressful and more efficient.

Lemons to Sanitise Your Waste Disposal:

Waste disposals can often get food stuck in them, which produces an awful smell that can overpower your whole kitchen. To tackle this, cut some lemon and place it into ice-cube trays. Fill the trays with ice and let the water freeze until you have lemon ice cubes. Place in the waste disposal and watch the ice get rid of any stuck food and the lemon produce a wonderful scent.

Olive Oil Buffer:

It’s a known fact that olive oil has many nutritional benefits, and it’s now proven that it can help you clean your house. It’s a great option to clean stainless steel appliances, such as pots and pans. Simply put the olive oil on a cloth and rub in a circular motion to buff any dirty spots.

Vodka for Carpet Stains:

Instead of drinking it, why not use it to clean carpet stains? Clear vodka also works as rubbing alcohol, and if you don’t have vodka at hand- white wine also works! Blot the stain and then let the alcohol soak into the stain and rub it out.

Baking Soda as a Stovetop Scrub:

This works wonders. Simply pour it on, spritz with water, let it sit for one hour, and then it will wipe off with one swipe.

Removing Pet Hair Using Rubber Gloves:

If you’ve got a pet that tends to lose lots of hair, you’ll understand the nightmare. Pet hair around the house can be a huge cleaning inconvenience, and sometimes the usual trick of lint rollers and vacuums don’t work. However, rubber gloves will get the job done. Just slide them across any area that is covered with pet hair, and the hair will stick to the elasticity of the glove. Once done, just rinse with water and the glove will be good as new.

Pillow Case to Clean Ceiling Fans:

Instead of using a standards duster to clean your ceiling fan, why not resort to a pillowcase? A normal duster only pushes the dirt to fall onto furniture and floors below, whereas if you slide the fan blades between a pillowcase it enables you to catch the dust efficiently.

Multi-Use Dishwasher:

A dishwasher doesn’t only have to be used just to clean dishes; it actually has a multi-purpose usage. Things such as makeup brushes, canvas sneakers, mouth guards, showerheads, and hairbrushes can be safely washed in the dishwasher.

Hairdryer for Water Rings:

If your wooden furniture has succumbed to water rings, then using a combination of heat and olive oil can sort this problem out. Dry the wood with a hairdryer, and then buff out the stains with olive oil- it should be good as new!

Electric Toothbrush:

Using an electric toothbrush as an effective cleaning tool is a great hack. If you’ve got tough shower stains, or those corners that need a bit of elbow grease, then this hack is perfect for you. Simply grab an electric toothbrush (preferably one that no one is currently using), spray your cleaning product on it and press against the stain you wish to remove, and watch the dirt fly off!

Tennis Balls in the Dryer:

Washing bulky duvets can be a tricky business. Although you can machine-wash most duvets and comforters, drying them can often be difficult. To combat this, adding tennis balls to your dryer can stop the stuffing from collecting in the corner.

Freshen Your Mattress:

To help freshen your mattress there is a quick hack. Firstly, you (or your children) should jump on the bed to bring up the dust. Then sprinkle baking soda on the mattress and leave it to sit for one hour. When you come back vacuum all the baking soda and your mattress will be as good as new.

Squeegee for Cleaning Shower Glass:

Stains on shower glass are often a pain to get rid of- no matter how hard you try. To counteract this, use the squeegee tool. It helps your glass bathroom features remain squeaky clean. Simply wipe down each surface with the squeegee after you’ve finished in the shower, and watch how your glass furniture looks brand new.

Cleaning Radiators:

Wiping down the exterior surface of a radiator is all well and good, but what about inside? Inside of your radiator is full of dust and bacteria, so to eliminate this there is a simple hack. Put a large and deep bowl/ bucket under the radiator, and simply pour hot kettle water over the radiator from the top. The water will fall into the bowl/bucket, and in it will be the buildup of dirt.

Wiping Down Indoor Plants:

Indoor plants are still prone to collecting dust. A solution to that is to use a tumble dryer sheet to wipe away any dust or grime that has built up on the plant. Not only will this clean them but it will also leave them smelling super fresh.

Cleaning Doors:

A hack for cleaning doors is to use a fabric conditioner. Mixing the fabric conditioner with water allows you to wipe down marks on doors without stripping the paint. In addition to this, it leaves your doors smelling delicious all day long.


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