2022’s Top Destinations for Relocation

2022’s Top Destinations for Relocation

Sometimes, people move because they have to. For instance, they could get a promotion at work, but accepting it entails relocating. Meanwhile, others might need to move to attend a school or be with their family. The list can genuinely go on and on, including the occasions when individuals relocate just because they want to as well. They grow tired of their surroundings and take action to bring happiness back into their lives.

If you’re ready to make some changes, this is the place to be. That’s because various top destinations for relocation will be discussed here. Then, if you are still on the fence about where you wish to go, you’ll still have a better understanding of what these spots offer and be able to come to a decision about which one is your perfect match. However, don’t jump the gun after picking your destination and simply take off.

You’ll need to do some things first, like pack up belongings, hire movers, and pick a car shipper if you want your vehicle transported to the new location. Scammers seem to be lurking around every corner these days, the shipping industry included. So, take the time to look into car shipping companies and make sure they’re legit before giving one your business. That could save you a lot of grief in the long run. Now, it’s time to view the top relocation destinations for 2022.

1. Texas

There are several good reasons to move to Texas this year. For example, tech giants are relocating their businesses to the Lone Star State due to low taxes and reasonably priced real estate. Consequently, you are bound to see plenty of employment openings in the IT and engineering sectors. So if you’ll need a job, there could be more than one waiting for you in Texas.

In addition, people can usually have a stable work-life balance in the Lone Star State. Also, living there is often much more laid back than the hustle and bustle that comes with places like Los Angeles or Boston. There are plenty of things to do and see in the Lone Star State—plus, there is no shortage of great food, so don’t forget to get yourself some chips and salsa, tacos, barbecue, and more.

2. Florida

There are currently nine states that you could live in without paying individual income tax. You’ll still have to deal with the federal income tax and file each year. However, less money will be deducted from your paycheck each week with no state income tax. That means you’ll have more money to pay bills, party, or do whatever you wish. If you decide to move to Florida or Texas in 2022, no income tax will get imposed on your personal income.

Are you all about the sun, sand, and ocean? If so, why wouldn’t you relocate to the Sunshine State? According to Beachapedia.org, there are 825 miles of sandy beaches in Florida. Hence, moving to a coastal county there means as much boating, fishing, and swimming as you want.

If you still need another reason to make Florida your home, how about the weather? It is usually sunny and warm in this state year-round. In turn, you should be able to get out and about outside as you like, but don’t forget about hurricanes. Unfortunately, the Sunshine State gets many of them, and one or more could disrupt your life in any given year.

3. Colorado

This next top destination may be a better fit if you don’t like the heat. After all, who really wants to sweat through clothing and have their legs stick to the leather seats in cars during the summer months? The average temps vary by location, but the state is typically cooler than many others. For example, in Ouray, CO, July is the warmest month with a median high temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

Obviously, there are many cities to choose from in Colorado. Denver is an excellent pick if you don’t want to be in a major metropolitan area where nobody knows your name. Instead, you’ll enjoy the sense of togetherness and community you get from the spot. Do you want to go sledding, skiing, or snowmobiling? Ouray can be the place you need because July is the only month where snowfall doesn’t occur there.

Economic growth is another reason Colorado may make sense for you. Wallethub ranked the state number one for job opportunities in 2017. Additionally, the platform rated Colorado as the second most attractive location for employment in the United States that year. So, even if you don’t decide on the Centennial State in the end, consider moving there for these reasons.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking about moving in 2022 and don’t have a location in mind, look into these top relocation destinations. Texas, Florida, or Colorado could be the ultimate place for you to call home. These are only some of the benefits associated with moving to these spots. However, there are many others too, which you will probably learn once you begin your research. So, what are you waiting for? Get started weighing the pros and cons of the cities/states you’re considering. Then, you’ll know where you want to move in 2022 in the blink of an eye.

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