3 Basic Designs for Stainless Steel Staircases

3 Basic Designs for Stainless Steel Staircases

Match your space and design style with a wonderful stainless-steel staircase. Stainless steel has numerous styles that can fit any home. Below are three basic designs for stainless steel stairs. Window. The window is simple and makes it easy to add a custom window you like. It is the cheapest price in the set, with a 140 per foot installed cost, but that type of pricing is not the same as what is most custom staircases would cost.

You can incorporate the new stair design with Active Metal, which makes it easier to have new ideas for updating or transforming the new look of your stair design.

There are two main criteria in step and staircase design that you should know about before choosing to build it. One is the purpose of constructing your stair, and the other is the design of the actual stairs. First, you have to make sure that your stairs can carry your weight and the weight of a lot of people.

Straight staircase

One of the simplest designs is a straight staircase. It’s the kind you probably reviewed when you decided to design your house from scratch, or you made an addition to your existing house. Straight stairs have a certain appeal to them. Unlike its spiral counterpart, it is without curves, which creates a stark image that stands out against the irregularity of regular stairs.


A spiral design is a special type of staircase with its own central supporting column with every step is supported from this column. The steps or risers in a spiral staircase are alternately set clockwise and anti-clockwise. This design is a winding staircase variation and provides both functionality and elegance to your home staging. Spiral design stairs are increasingly common and are becoming a popular option for many homes. Spiral stairs add interest and visual appeal to any property, and they are much easier to use when compared to traditional spiral stairs.

The spiral staircases also need a very careful and clever design. Large interior spaces should have low central supporting columns not to make a visual impression that it is too heavy. Spiral stairs are supported by columns that go higher than the depth of the stairs. From the outer sides of each step, only one or two steps are visible at one time.


Stairs for your home office should be installed with rails or balustrades. There are different kinds of home offices, and vertical space may be limited to wherever they can be installed, such as attic or basement. You can opt for a more permanent design or a more flexible one. A flexible option would be to use retractable stairs, which makes it easier for you when moving stuff into the attic or basement, especially when there are kids around.

Staircases come in different designs and sizes. When choosing a staircase for your home office, it is important that you consider three things. This includes the style of the stairs, the material used, and its size.

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