3 Disadvantages of Avoiding Waterproofing Your Pittsburgh Basement

3 Disadvantages of Avoiding Waterproofing Your Pittsburgh Basement

People who have been living in Pittsburgh for many years know that it is normal for it to flood at least once a year because of excessive snowfall or due to a low-pressure system that promotes heavy rainfall. For many decades and even centuries, this has always been the condition.

Therefore, to prevent the damage it can cause in households and commercial buildings, Pittsburgh basement waterproofing services are always in high demand.

Basements, as you know, are the foundation of a house. So, in case the basement gets damaged, it is going to affect the entire structure. People new to Pittsburg, Brooklin, might find it challenging to get hold of a trusted waterproofing service. However, there is nothing that you can’t find in Pittsburg.

The flood level in Pittsburgh is set to 24 feet, and its surrounding areas have much lower flood levels. Many people might think that waterproofing is just an unnecessary expense. So, it is important to be aware of the risks of not waterproofing the basement in your Pittsburgh home.

Disadvantages of not waterproofing your basement

It is not often that you’ll find a house that has a waterproof basement. Waterproofing is not included in the construction of homes. And therefore, it may not be surprising for you to learn that the basement in your home is not waterproof by default. And this isn’t just in the USA, even in Australia, homeowners need waterproofing companies sydney to help waterproof homes.

You will need to specifically request your building contractor to include it, and it will cost you extra. However, this is one expense that may seem optional but is definitely anything but.

Check out the list of disadvantages of not waterproofing your basements.

1) You will notice structural damage

Committing a mistake after knowing its consequences is considered to be a crime. When you are aware that Pittsburgh is prone to floods, you must get your waterproofing in your basement checked immediately as soon as you move into a new house.

The moisture will get absorbed in the concrete and cause structural damage to your property. It will weaken the walls of your basement. And all of a sudden if a flood hits, it will destroy the structure right from its base.

2) Damp and mold will cause a mess

Damp smells awful, and the worst of all is that it wrinkles up all the walls and your wooden furniture. Dampness occurs when your walls absorb moisture from the atmosphere and stay there for a while. It spreads across walls and wooden furniture leaving the room smelling and looking awful. The only solution you can get to stop moisture from getting absorbed in your house is by getting Pittsburgh basement waterproofing services.

Dampness also leads to mold, and it is not suitable for you. Microorganisms spread in moisture, and once they capture a particular area in the basement, they won’t take much time to spread all over your house.

Mold is neither good for your house, nor it is good for your health. It can develop air-born diseases which can further lead to respiratory problems. To keep mold away from your home, quickly hire a waterproofing company and get the job done.

3) A house with waterproofing does not get a good resale value

If you’ve ever planned to sell your house in the future, it will get more resale value if the basement is waterproof. A buyer would always prefer a home where they have to make no adjustments. Waterproofing will not only increase your house security from floods, but it will also give you get you better return on investment in the future.

The disadvantages that you read above should not be taken lightly. Every year, many respiratory disorders are reported in Pittsburgh because of Mold in houses.

People who neglect waterproofing services have to face severe consequences that will remain with them for life. Yes, it is an expensive affair to get waterproofing for your basement. But nothing is more precious than your life.

Therefore, you must look for your nearest and most trusted waterproofing specialist and get a quick waterproofing service. A quick tip for finding a good waterproofing company; always go through the customer feedback section and read every comment to understand the level of the waterproofing company’s performance.

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