3 Great Jobs You Can Manage While You’re in Online School

3 Great Jobs You Can Manage While You're in Online School

Online school can often be a more convenient alternative for those who have more demanding daily lives and don’t want to attend in-person classes. However, online school is still school. You still have to manage your time effectively and juggle both school and work. With that in mind, are there jobs that are better suited for those pursuing an online degree? Here are three great jobs you can manage while you’re in an online school.

Look for a remote call center job.

While in-person call centers are still very much a thing, remote call contact centers make it easier for companies to enlist the help of remote agents from anywhere to tackle their customer service needs throughout the day. No matter which shifts appeal most to you, becoming one of these remote workers can give you a great deal of flexibility as you make money without having to deal with commutes. More importantly, cloud-based call center software has achieved massive strides in helping you become the best remote team member you can be. Today’s remote call center agent benefits from built-in quality assurance to assess agent performance and help them stay on track, remote coaching and training so that they know the best practices for working at a virtual call center, and integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and Zendesk to maintain important contact data and past interactions.

If you’re great with people and always looking to grow, becoming a call center agent in a remote position may be the right role for you.

Consider freelancing in the same field you’re pursuing a degree in.

Remote employment or even local part-time jobs aren’t always the best fit for everyone pursuing an online education. If this applies to you, another way to make money is freelancing. Freelancing does require you to be a bit more business-savvy, but many freelance jobs pay a decent amount of money. Better yet, you determine how often you work and how much you make. This can be the best way to utilize the soft skills and hard skills you have and work on a schedule that best suits you.

One easy way to get into freelance work is to apply what you’ve learned while pursuing your online degree to help various clients. Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to get your online associate business degree in accounting. Your degree will allow you to access high-paying job opportunities and transfer your credits over to a four-year university. It also gives you the flexibility you need to work on the side and pursue higher education. As you learn more about accounting, you can provide freelance bookkeeping services or similar financial services to generate income. It may take some time, but it can be a great way to work when it’s best for you.

Try something part-time like a warehouse job.

Warehouse jobs abound in today’s job market, and there are often plenty of opportunities to work later shifts so that you can ensure you’re available to take classes during the day. Whether you’re looking to manage the facility, handle packaging or materials inside of the warehouse, or take on an available associate position near you, you’re sure to find a role that best suits your schedule and needs. It all begins with a quick search online and reaching out to the hiring manager.

Working and going to school requires a great deal of flexibility on both ends. When you choose to go to an online school, you need a job that you can easily balance with your online school schedule, whatever it may be. Get started on your job search with the three job recommendations listed above!


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