3 Hair Care Tips for People With Hair Loss

3 Hair Care Tips for People With Hair Loss

Thinning hair is a natural part of aging that shouldn’t cause concern. However, there are instances in which hair loss has other causes, such as hormonal changes. The best way to determine the cause of hair loss is to speak with a dermatologist. Once the cause of the issue has been addressed, you can find solutions to improve your overall hair health and prevent more thinning. It’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs daily, which you’ll notice on your pillow, in your hairbrush, in the shower, or on your clothes. Take a look at some effective hair care tips to help prevent further hair thinning.

3 Hair Care Tips for People With Hair Loss

1. Wash and condition regularly, but not too often.

Most hairstylists and dermatologists agree that there’s no need to wash your hair daily. Washing your hair too often strips your hair strands of necessary oils and can leave it dry, weak, and prone to breakage. The best shampoos to improve hair health are those made without sulfates. Every time you shampoo your hair, use a conditioner to give your hair shine and reduce static electricity. After shampoo, apply conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb to remove tangles before rinsing your hair with cool water to close the cuticles and make your hair shiny.

Using the right hair products can make a significant impact on hair regrowth and health. Hair loss shampoo is formulated with specific ingredients that address hair loss and scalp health. KeepItAnchored offers a hair loss shampoo that calms oxidative stress on the scalp to slow and help fight hair loss. Their specialty shampoo is a clinically proven antioxidant blend that strengthens hair at the roots and reduces daily hair loss. The blend includes antioxidant salts that reduce oxidative stress at the scalp, mineral zinc to improve the condition of the scalp, and B-vitamins to support skin barrier health.

3 Hair Care Tips for People With Hair Loss

2. Use leave-in products and conditioning masks.

Using leave-in hair products like a conditioner or detangler is a great way to boost your hair’s moisture and provide heat protection before styling. A great way to enjoy shiny, healthy hair that’s dandruff-free is to use a deep conditioning hair mask once a week. Just like the shampoo, the specific ingredients in the conditioner can affect your scalp and hair health. Look for a conditioner that contains natural ingredients and is free of parabens and sulfates.

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3 Hair Care Tips for People With Hair Loss

3. Try gentle hairstyles and air dry your hair.

A great way to add shine and prevent frizzy hair is to use a small amount of serum in your wet hair before styling. Oils such as argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil penetrate deep into the hair to provide hydration, shine, and protection. Limit the amount of heat you style your hair with. It’s best to let your hair air dry or use the coolest setting on your dryer. Avoid hairstyles that put tension on the scalp for extended periods, as stress on the hair follicle can be damaging.

Washing and conditioning with the right hair products, using leave-in products and conditioning masks, reducing heat, and wearing gentle hairstyles can all help prevent further hair loss.

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