3 Home Security Tips To Keep You Safe

Did you realize over 70 million property crimes were reported in the United States last year? Most homeowners fail to realize just how common burglaries are. Instead of waiting until a burglary occurs to take home security seriously, you need to start now. Ignoring the need for additional home security equipment can result in lots of problems in the future.

The main thing you need to do when trying to secure your home is to inspect it thoroughly. The following are some things you need to do when trying to make your home more secure.

1. Don’t Forget to Check Your Windows

As you start to inspect your home for potential security problems, be sure to take a look at the windows. Having older windows that won’t let all the way up or down can pose lots of problems. Even if your windows are functional, they need to be equipped with alarms to make them completely secure. These alarms can be installed easily and paired with your existing home security system.

Finding the right window alarms for your home will require the help of professionals. You can also check out the Alarm Grid blog: what is window alarm? for more information about this type of security equipment.

2. Pay Attention to Your Landscaping

Homeowners around the United States spend millions of dollars each year on landscaping. Making sure the outside of the home stays in pristine condition should be one of your main concerns as a homeowner. If your home has shrubs or trees surrounding it, you need to make sure they aren’t creating a cover for a burglar. When these landscaping elements get too tall, they can be used by criminals to hide while trying to gain access to your home.

This is why allowing landscaping professionals to trim bushes and trees is a good idea. By keeping the trees and shrubs around your property trimmed, you can make it harder for burglars in your area.

3. Check Your Exterior Doors

The next thing you need to check when inspecting your home for security problems is your entry doors. Having entry doors that are old and weak can be problematic. These weak and old doors can be easily kicked in by criminals that want to burglarize your residence. This is why you need to replace any old or damaged entry doors your home has.

You also need to check the door frame and striker plates. If the screws holding the striker plate on are small, they can be easily broken by a burglar. Replacing these smaller screws with longer and more durable ones, you can make it harder for criminals to use this point of entrance. Consulting with security professionals is a great idea when trying to figure out what type of doors are the right fit for your needs.

It’s Time to Get Started

Having the right home security equipment in place is essential when trying to protect your family and your valuable possessions. With some time and a minimal investment, you can secure your home with ease.

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