3 Indoor Activities to Try During Winter

Winter can be a challenging time of year. The weather gets colder, the sun goes down earlier, and we commonly fall out of step with the routine we’ve established in the other six to nine months. So, in all that time we spend indoors, bundled up, trying to get warm, what if we occupied ourselves with a new hobby?

It’s important to have plans of action if you anticipate a downswing in your mood, and keeping busy and finding new things to be interested in is often an effective way of achieving that. We compiled a list of indoor activities you should consider this winter if you’re bracing for the emotional impact that the season often brings.

1. Customizing Your Clothing

There are many ways to express yourself, and fashion is just one of them. Whether you choose to begin embroidery, tie-dye, sequinned, or more, there is a wide assortment of options available for you to choose from that can you company on a snowy evening. Also, customizations like t-shirt screen printing allow you to put public domain artworks (or even your own!) on a sweatshirt you can lounge around the house in.

Use an embroidery machine to personalize and add unique designs to your clothing. You can personalize a baby’s blanket, add style to a plain shirt or vest. The things you can embroider are endless! You’ll need a good machine. This article can help you find the best embroidery machines available.

This hobby may be particularly appealing to those who feel their winter attire is too monochrome or dull. Much of winter wear is designed as staple pieces that go well with the rest of your closet, but that doesn’t mean it needs to remain that way once you’ve established a vision for it. The blank-slate styles of winter clothing might make them the perfect contenders for creative experimentation!

2. Knitting

What’s more seasonally appropriate than sitting in an armchair and knitting a holiday scarf for a loved one? Knitting is a popular, calming hobby that many are known to take up in the winter months as a way of keeping their hands busy and staying even warmer with an additional layer of clothing.

Knitting is especially relaxing because, once you understand the mechanisms, it’s repetitive and even mindless. This is why many like to knit while they’re listening to music or watching a movie—it requires you to be physical without having to be mentally present, which is a deeply calming practice.

This is also a great hobby to pick up if you’re struggling with what to get friends and family for the winter holidays—who can say “no” to a lovingly knitted scarf?

3. Cooking

One hobby that can significantly improve our mood is cooking, and it’s an ideal undertaking for the winter season. Cooking meals not only nourishes us, but it connects us to the food we ingest and promotes a sense of gratitude for it. Additionally, cooking in the kitchen is a highly efficient way to warm up the house and everyone in it!

Preparing warm meals for family and friends creates a sense of unity, safety, and community. It is also integral to most of the holidays celebrated in the winter, further getting everyone into the spirit.

Final Thoughts

This winter, don’t get discouraged by the cold or the reduced hours of sunlight — there are so many indoor hobbies to take up in the interim! It’s never a bad time to step out of your comfort zone, and it may even be favorable if you feel that the season is getting you down.

Whether you choose to personalize your style, take up knitting, or learn how to cook, the world is your oyster when you have time to yourself at home. Consider these activities this winter if you’re mulling over things to do, and remember to prioritize your comfort, safety, and happiness above all else.

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