3 Reasons Why Goodr.Com is Set To Become A Leading Eyewear Brand in US

3 Reasons Why Goodr.Com is Set To Become A Leading Eyewear Brand in US

Goodr is a sunglasses brand in California that follows a simple philosophy, making inexpensive sunglasses while doing active things that look good, coming up with funny names and wacky colour combos.


Goodr does not take a lot on the technical side of the brand. They don’t claim that their sunglasses are shatterproof or that there is anything special that distinguishes their product other than the intentionally bizarre names for the different lens and colour combinations.

Goodr.com website is easy to navigate. There are three types of sunglasses: the OGs, the Runaways and the BFGs. The former is Dollar 25 in rate and the latter two are of dollar 35. It is clear that an inexpensive, accessible price is important to the brand. They are almost disposable at that price. Even if you lose these goggles, you are not going to be taking out a craigslist ad.

The difference between the three sunglasses types mentioned above is impossible to gauge. There is no explanation available on the website. All the three types are varying clearly in design and shape and all three versions of the sun glasses come in 4 lens options-gradient, reflective, clear or standard.

Reflective OGs come with a standard bag, in a sturdy box with a lens cleaner cloth which is very convenient for safe storage between runs. The new shades were tested for some trail runs and every run was in bright sunlight.

Easy To Wear – Treat To Own

The sunglasses are very light on the face, easily the lightest pair of sunglasses you have ever won. There are no pressure points or discomfort, even after a couple of hours. As noted by the comments posted by people online, they don’t slip or move on the face. They stay in place, with no rubber bits or nosepiece to wear out. Though it is not a selling feature of the brand.

According to the website the lenses are polarized. The lenses were tried in bright sunlight, they filter the brightest light cleanly while they maintain the contrast. There is one downside, they fog up very quickly if you are wearing any sort of face guard , or buff scarf and the fog takes forever to dissipate. So they are not very effective in colder weather for long runs. They are more suitable as summer sunglasses brands.

Pocket Friendly Yet High On Style

The techy / extravagant, who prefer the best and lengthy and unsolicited list the cost and attributes of their various and sundry gear are not for this very accessible brand. A pair of these glasses that recommend the highest level of brightness protection on technical trails, are still less expensive than other sunglasses. Runners do not require the type of eye protection that a downhill mountain biker needs. Goodr sunglasses are no doubt functional and they look good.

The closest company known to provide affordable sunglasses is goodr. They don’t build themselves a running brand, and generally speaking their products average cost has gone up-the glasses range in the early 2000 was lower and now they have increased a bit. You will not find anything at this price , that looks so cool. Goodr sells the cheapest sunglasses but in a very broad range of price and style.

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