3 Tips For Decorating Your Home As A Single Woman

3 Tips For Decorating Your Home As A Single Woman

Living as a single woman comes with its set of challenges – you may be juggling work, studies, relationships, friends, fitness, and family altogether and to top it off you will be managing your home all by yourself. However, living alone shouldn’t be a depressing experience for you, and rather you should be excited to live independently.

Living alone brings the freedom you need to live your life independently as a single woman: you are free to explore, travel, try new recipes, and focus on the things that you love. The best about living alone, however, is that you get to decorate your home just the way you want to. Given below are three tips that cover decorating your home as a single woman:

1. Invest in basics at first

While you may be tempted to purchase home accessories and styling pieces at first and then build your home around them while you sleep on a mattress, this approach is not practical at all. You should instead be purchasing the basics such as a bed, a lounge sofa set, and a dining table at first, followed by everything else.

For instance, you can buy queen bed base online, followed by quality bedding for your bedroom. For your lounge and kitchen, you should be purchasing a five-seater sofa set and a two-seater dining table and chairs. Once you have the basics in place, building your home around them would be no hassle at all.

2. Set a space to unwind and relax

Living on your own can be stressful as you have to manage tons of tasks all by yourself. You would be managing your career, maintaining a social life, and taking care of all of your home responsibilities. While the lounge is a space to host family and friends, and your bedroom is where you go to rest after a long day at work, you aren’t left with a space to simply unwind and relax.

Creating a space in your home where you can unwind is essential as it would help you get your thoughts straight and allow you to recollect yourself at the beginning and end of the day. Such a corner in your home should be complete with a small coffee table and a reclining or plush chair where you can journal, or have a cup of coffee.

3. Set up a dedicated vanity

As a woman possibly in your 30s, you may have by now developed strict morning and evening skincare regimens that you seriously follow. In addition to that, you might have a ton of socializing and other activities to attend, and possibly do your hair and makeup every day.

Hence, setting up your vanity is important and your dedicated vanity should be complete with good lighting and a big enough mirror to suffice your makeup and outfit check. Your vanity should also have multiple storage compartments for your makeup, skincare, tools, and jewelry.


Living alone is a blessing as you get to do everything on your own, and live life on your own accord. To balance all your commitments, however, your home life must be at peace, and the way you decorate your home plays a big part in it. The above-mentioned tips are going to help you decorate your home in a way that is functional and aesthetically pleasant for you.

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