4 Affordable Ways To Get Solar Power At Home

Home with Solar energy panels

Solar panels collect energy and create electricity even on a cloudy day, it’s a great way to reduce your electricity bills or even go off-grid altogether. Obviously, the sunnier it is where you live the better your electricity production. However, solar panels and the associated equipment cost money, they are often too expensive for the average homeowner. 

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to utilize solar power in your home in a more affordable way.


Instead of trying to find the money to purchase solar panels, it is possible to lease them. This is considerably cheaper as there are no purchase or installation costs. The company leasing you the solar panels will charge you for the electricity but you’ll find this is usually significantly cheaper than the cost of electricity from the main grid.

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Buy Second Hand

Solar panels have been popular for several years. As with all technology the science behind them is advancing constantly. This means that the newer solar panels are far more efficient and people will replace existing ones.

Of course, that means there will be used panels available. Although they are not as energy-efficient they will still produce electricity and they are a substantially cheaper method of powering your home.

Take a look at your local private ads and speak to your solar repair shop.

4 Affordable Ways To Get Solar Power At Home

Start Small

Instead of looking to purchase solar panels start by getting device chargers. These are small solar panels that allow your phone, or another device, to charge.

These are very attractively priced. Simply ensure it has an overcharge protector and charges your device while recharging its own batteries.

It’s a great introduction to solar power.

You can also add outside lights powered by solar energy. This allows you to see your way around the yard without having to use any electricity. In fact, a small solar panel powered light system could even be viable inside your home with the panel sat in the window.

Solar Water Heaters

The water heater uses a large chunk of your annual energy bill. Taking it off the grid and onto a solar supply is a logical and cost-saving move.

There are several different types of solar water heater although all of them heat the water and store it in an insulated tank. The simplest and cheapest system is known as batch collectors. These work in little sunlight. Basically, they are large black tanks or tubes that absorb sunlight, heating your water for you. All you have to do is store it.

The more efficient, but slightly more expensive option is to use evacuated tube collectors. These are tubes inside tubes that create a vacuum. This prevents heat loss and is an efficient way of heating your water, even when the temperature drops to -40°F!


When you know more about solar power, you are better equipped to make choices. And, these are just a few of the possible solutions but they can make a big difference to your energy bill without costing you a fortune to install.

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