4 Apps to Supercharge Your Life

4 Apps to Supercharge Your Life

If you’re looking to make improvement to your life, why not make it easier with apps? Whether it’s something as simple as drinking more water to losing 20lbs, apps are designed to help you on your journey.

The beauty is that no matter the niche, there’s so many apps on the market that you’re likely to find something to help. Here are some of our favorites for supercharging life:

1. VPN

VPNs work by encrypting all the data flowing between your device and the internet so nobody can see what you’re doing online. This makes it great for protecting your privacy at home or on public WIFI networks, but it also means that any websites or services that require location data can’t get it from you—meaning you can still access your favorite apps and sites, even in places with internet restrictions.

The ExpressVPN app is useful whether you’re trying to protect yourself from hackers or just checking if cheaper flights are available from other locations. Plus, you know those annoying messages telling you which country has access to certain shows on Hulu or Netflix? A VPN will help circumvent these restrictions.

2. Spendbook

Busy people don’t always have a lot of time to keep track of their budget. Spendbook is a budgeting app that lets you stay on top of your spending without extra effort. The app automatically finds the places you spend money and categorizes it for you, so all you have to do is swipe a few times per day to see how much money is coming in and going out.

You can also create monthly budgets so that Spendbook knows when and where it should alert you as soon as possible if things are getting out of hand.

Set up reminders for yourself every few days or weeks if there’s something specific that needs funds. Then watch as those savings grow.

3. Daily Water Tracker Reminder

Yes, we all need to drink more water, but most of us struggle with hydration levels. In fact, an estimated 75% of American adults are dehydrated.

This app will remind you to drink water and track your daily water consumption. There’s also a fun feature that helps users keep track of their progress by allowing them to set their fitness goals and encouraging them with rewards when they achieve them.

It’s easy to use and handy for anyone who needs encouragement to drink more water throughout the day.

4. Headspace

Modern lives operate at a modern pace, which can take its toll on us. We all need time to effectively de-stress, switch off, and fully relax. Headspace is an app that helps you meditate, and it’s designed for everyone, even those with no previous meditation experience.

It’s a great way to relax, improve the quality of your sleep, and ditch the stress.

We’ve tried hundreds of apps over the years to make our lives better and easier, and these four are some of our all-time favorites. Try them for yourself and supercharge your days.

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