4 Bathroom Must-Haves

Call me high-maintenance, but even if I am at the most beautiful hotel and I see the bathroom is dirty, I get turned-off and not use it. But I don’t think I am the only one like this, right? No way am I using a dirty and smelly bathroom.

If you would visit my place, you might say the cleanest part is the bathroom. You see, at home, apart from my bedroom, the bathroom is my favorite part of the house. I find it totally relaxing to soak in the bathtub with bubble salt and mellow music to end my tiring day.

I have listed here four-bathroom must-haves to help you have a clean and fresh bathroom, all day every day.

1. Bathroom essentials

A powerful flushing toilet is a must-have in the bathroom. Having a flushing toilet as compared to the ones you have to pour water over already makes the bathroom 60% clean and likable. You would also want to consider the efficiency of your toilet. Choose the one that helps you save water, because yes, a water-saving toilet enables you to save a little money every time you flush.

Apart from this, a bathtub is also a bathroom essential if you ask me. Imagine those long, tiring hours at work. The best way to ease those sore legs and muscles is to soak them in a warm bath with aromatic bubble soap. And if you think you need a bigger bathtub, then chances are you do. So consider your bathroom space when choosing your dream bathtub.

2. Shower Rack

A shower rack is essential in keeping your bathroom clean. This is where you can pile up your shower needs and toiletries. Make sure you throw away the trash and empty shampoo bottles to prevent them from piling up and cluttering your space. You may also want a small but durable cabinet where you can keep all your towels and other toiletries such as extra tissue rolls, buy-one-take-one shampoo bottles, or your favorite brand of lotion.

3. Bathroom curtains and mats

Bathroom curtains liven up the bathroom by adding a splash of color to your otherwise dull room. I always prefer my favorite color, which is blue, so I buy curtains in that shade. Choose your favorite color, so you don’t get tired of them quickly. Aside from adding color to the bathroom, you can also use the curtains to hide your bathtub or give a division in your bathroom.

Mats are also a must-have as you wouldn’t want a slippery floor. It is quite dangerous to have a bathroom with no mat, because yes, the floor gets slippery when wet. But always remember to change your mats religiously. You wouldn’t want a bathroom that smells of dirty rugs.

4. Sturdy bathroom fixtures

Ever reached for something because it’s cheap? Cheap doesn’t always mean you save. Sometimes getting the cheaper ones turn up to be more expensive when you keep buying a replacement. So choose durable fixtures such as a light switch, bathroom tissue holder, sink, and faucet.

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