4 Clever Loft Conversion Ideas You Might Want to Consider

4 Clever Loft Conversion Ideas You Might Want to Consider

Loft conversions indeed allow you to add extra space to your house. Apart from that, it’s also a decent investment that will help you increase the market value of your property to around 10-20% on average. However, that’s only possible if you execute it properly, and to help you with that, we have prepared the following clever loft conversion ideas you can try to follow:

1. Loft Terrace

Converting your loft into a loft terrace allows you to create some outdoor space that will certainly increase the overall value of your house, not to mention its wow factor. This is an exciting conversion idea that will let you bring the outside in. You can also be flexible with your conversion and decide to add flooring for your interior and exterior area to maximize the feeling of space.

2. Master Bedroom Conversion

If there’s a loft conversion idea that’s quite popular among others, then that would be converting your loft into a master bedroom. Not only does it add overall value to your house, but it can also add in a useful extra space for you.

However, you have to consider getting blinds when doing this, as the light coming from your roof windows can be too harsh and bright. For this, you want to go for a blackout blind to make sure that light won’t be able to seep in from the sides.

Apart from the blind, you should also ensure storage for your clothes. You can either go for under-eaves storage or a wardrobe specifically designed to fit in your loft’s space.

3. Loft Living Room

Having an extra living room in your loft doesn’t sound bad at all. In fact, it’s a really nice idea, especially if you have older kids who want to have their own space or simply want an extra living room you can relax in.

Of course, when converting your loft into an extra living room, you have to consider using natural light so you can take advantage of the view from high up. You can either go for full-height glazing or perhaps sliding doors that open out to your balcony for that fresh air and added sense of space.

4. Loft Bar

If you don’t have enough space for at-home entertainment, then how about converting your loft into a loft bar? The best thing about this is that it can work on any size loft space. Besides, you can use those slopes and angles of your roof to your advantage when it comes to storage.

To make it even more enticing, you can either use bold colors and plants or go for a neutral tone. If it’s possible to make a roof terrace, then it’d be best to pick the same flooring for both your indoor and outdoor space to create the sense of one cohesive space.

4 Clever Loft Conversion Ideas You Might Want to Consider

Why Consider Loft Conversion?

As mentioned earlier, a loft conversion can increase the overall value of your house. However, that’s not the only reason for that. For one, there’s the fact that you can increase your overall property’s space. Basically, a well-planned loft conversion can help you maximize the space inside your house. Besides, a conversion doesn’t take up any of your invaluable outside space as opposed to extensions.

Also, having a well-converted loft means you can create a room that provides you with a nice view of the outdoors. Of course, this would depend on the type of conversion you go for, but with the many different types of loft conversion, as outlined by https://eloftconversions.co.uk, you can surely go for the one that will give you such luxury.

Final Thoughts

There are some careful considerations you have to keep in mind before you start converting your loft. Once you have decided to give it a go, then you can consider the above mentioned conversion ideas to turn your loft into an ideal spot you can hang out on.


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