4 Common Oven Problems

Women baking a pie

You have just come back from the store with all the ingredients to bake a delicious cake and you suddenly discover that the oven has given up. It might be tempting to simply order a cake but you will have to be prepared to perform maintenance checks on the oven. There could be an oven meltdown for a number of reasons and if you are not prepared to run a thorough check, you will have to order all the meals from a restaurant. Here are the four common problems that are encountered in an oven.

1. Temperature

At the first step, you need to identify the issue in the oven. If you often end up with raw chicken and under-cooked pizza, there is a chance that the oven is not performing as it should. If you think that your oven is malfunctioning, Todd Carson from Expert Repairs says to first check your over temperature or the oven door gaskets to see if there is something wrong with either of them.Verify if the thermostat is working. Set the temperature low and allow it to heat for some time, see if there is a difference in the temperature.

2. Door Gaskets

The oven could be heating up alright but it could be losing all the heat. In this case, you will have to check the door gaskets. Gaskets are basically the rubber that keeps the heat inside the oven. They could be torn or damaged due to use. This means the heat will begin to flow out from the gaps and will leave you with an inefficient oven. You will have to replace the gaskets.

3. Door Hinges

There are a number of problems related to ovens not working like they should and this comes down to the door. If you are unable to open the oven door properly or if you cannot close it properly, it will become easy for the heat to escape. You need to ensure that the door is firmly shut every time and if you cannot do that, you will have to change the broken or damaged hinges and springs.

4. Noisy fans

If you are frustrated with a noisy fan, there is a problem in the oven and you need to start to explore it. You will have to find out where the noise is coming from. If it is coming from the top of the oven or from the circulation fan located at the backside of the oven, it means that there is a problem with bearings on the motor. This issue can be easily fixed with a new motor that is more efficient.

These are the four common problems that occur in an oven. If you notice that the oven is not performing the way it should, you need to identify the problem and look for ways you can handle it. Most of the time, the oven does not need a replacement but it is the parts that need to be replaced.

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