4 Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

If you ever think that it’s not possible to do everything into small bathrooms, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible to make even the smallest of spaces feel spacious. We’ve come out with four great design tips that you can implement with ease at home. Bathrooms can look a lot bigger, even when you’ve got a small space. Not only this, but a small bathroom can certainly have convenient storage spaces. Let’s find out more!

1. A Clever Wall Sink

When thinking about small bathroom floor plans, all mounted sinks are brilliant ways to save on space. You can easily implement one of these small bathroom sinks to impart a spacious, more open feeling in your bathroom. All sorts of models exist on the market with very minimalist and slick designs. If you’re feeling quite classic and like a less modern aesthetic, wall sinks also work well. If you’re wondering about where to put towels in a small bathroom, stainless steel bars can be added directly below your sink. They will serve as a convenient place to hang all of your towels and clothes. In the end, you’ve got much more counter space that you can use to hold anything you like.

2. Curved Rods for Your Shower

When you’ve got a standard shower with a standard shower head, one of the classiest things that you can do is add curved rods. Everyone who’s seen these in someone’s house knows that they are a luxury look, and not only this, but they can also create a lot more additional space in the bathroom. When you’ve got these curved rods, they won’t waste any space, and they are extremely easy to install. The only thing that you need to do is to expand them, add some tension, and then snap on decorative ends. It’s that simple, and you don’t need a drill either!

3. Shower Door?

Think about your small space – what could you get rid of to leave you with more room for moving around? Where are you going to store that bottle of shower cleaner? When the space is tight, one great option is to install a glass panel instead of using a conventional shower door. As a result, you’ll have all the water staying within the shower area, plus there will be more room freed up to move around. It’s a tip that certainly works and creates a lot more space.

4. Clever Storage Options

When considering how to make  small bathrooms look bigger, one of the main challenges is to know where to put things. Fortunately, there are a lot of different storage options, such as the following:

  • Putting in some cabinets
  • The addition of shelving with low-profile carts
  • Use a towel ladder to store and display towels
  • Using up all of the space right up until the ceiling
  • Underfloor storage cabinets

These are just some of many ways to think about storage – the key is to get creative!

When you approach a conventional toilet, it may be difficult to imagine how this relates to storing things. However, with a creative approach to small bathroom designs, you might notice that you could put a countertop over the toilet to store things on. It will provide a lot of space to place items on and will never affect the functionality of your toilet. Not only this, but the look is very classy!

When you’re looking at a wall, do you see opportunities here? Why not try mounting a facet and create some space for a narrow sink. By doing this, you can free up additional space elsewhere in the bathroom with ease. Moreover, it is a very elegant choice in terms of design.

Small Bathrooms for Everyone

We hope that you can take some of these tips on small bathroom designs and apply them to your home. If you’re thinking about space being an issue, then think again! With a little planning and creative thinking, there are all sorts of design elements that can work in your favor. We hope you make choices that work for you and your home.

What size tile for the small bathroom should a person use for their small space? Tell us about your thoughts and reflections in our comment section.

Author’s Bio: A nationwide bathroom interior design company once employed Chele, so she’s a woman with many bathroom tile ideas and has extensive knowledge and how to make bathrooms look great. Now she is using the knowledge that she learned in the industry, Chele likes rights for many publications on a freelance basis.

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