4 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home On a Budget

4 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home On a Budget

Are you feeling tired and fed up with your home not always looking its best?

There’s something those picture-perfect homes have in common. They all focus on the details and when you do too, your home will look like it came out of a magazine. All it takes is a little work and effort.

Read on for our top tips on how to make your home look and feel amazing.

1. Spruce Up Your Windows

Windows may not seem like they play a huge role in the feel of your house, but they’re an integral part of making your home feel light, cozy, and comfortable. One of the easiest things to do is to make sure your windows are clean and fresh to allow as much light into your home as possible. We recommend hiring regular help, like window cleaner Adelaide, to clean your windows once a month. This will instantly make your home look and feel fresher.

To spruce your glass up further, make sure you have some showstopping blinds and curtains to give a decadent and fresh feel to your home. Consider splurging on heavy velvet curtains as these will retain heat and last a long time.

2. Add Some Floral Arrangements

Another way to make your home look and feel fresh inside out is to decorate it with freshly cut flowers, like tulips, roses, or hydrangeas. Our top tip is to color code the flowers with your decor – this is definitely magazine-worthy. If you prefer potted herbs, coriander, basil, and mint are excellent options. These can be bought in stores and are easy to care for.

3. Switch Out Your Soft Furnishings

Think about switching out your blankets and cushions for ones that are all the same color scheme to give a fresh look. The trend for loud and gaudy patterns has passed and the key to having your home look expensive and modern is to streamline your color scheme.

Throws in natural colors are easy to style alongside your current decor and give a sense of coordination. If you want some to wrap up in, these can be stored in a woven basket when not in use. The best part of using extra throws and blankets is you can lower your energy bills during the colder months. While energy prices soar, this is the ideal way to combine style and practicality.

4. Organize Your Items

Having a clean and tidy home instantly gives a fresh and sleek look. Not only this, but clutter can be detrimental to your health.

One of the easiest ways to make your home look more put together is by adding extra storage, so everything is where it belongs, and every single item has a place. For example, putting boxes and baskets as decor where you would usually drop keys or laundry instantly tidies the place up.

Another top tip is if you find you have clothes spilling onto the floor, then invest in some vacuum bags. This will easily allow you to switch out your wardrobe by season. You don’t need heavy winter coats to take up extra space in your closet when it’s summer. You can even opt to store your clothes in the attic or basement and take them out as you need them. You may even feel like you have a brand-new wardrobe when each spring rolls around.

Spruce Up Your Home Today

Making your home feel fresh and comfortable is simply about making easy changes that are budget-friendly. Whether you tidy up and spend a weekend having a yard sale, clean your windows or focus on the smaller details – your home is sure to look magazine-worthy by the end.

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