4 Easy Ways to Market Your Business to New Potential Customers

Many businesses experience difficult times or fail just because their potential customers are unaware that the products or services they are selling exist. Especially, small enterprises may not have the financial muscle to do large-scale advertising and marketing.

However, several businesses start small but manage to attract and retain new customers within a short time. What is their secret? Well, research shows that such businesses use a number of strategies that many people take for granted. Here are 4 simple ways to market any business.

Top 4 Business Marketing Tips to Attract Clients

1. Satisfy Your Customers

This may not look like a marketing idea but it is. Fulfilled customers are one of the greatest marketing tools in the hand of business owners. They become advocates and effective evangelists for a company’s products and services. In fact, it is easier for people to get convinced by word of mouth than otherwise.

Building this brand of advertisers requires some diligence. Every business that wants to succeed must sell products and services that really work. On top of that, it must have excellent customer services. The business should also encourage or motivate buyers to market its products and services. You can also set up a customer service or help desk software to address your customers queries.

2. Use of Custom Reusable Bags

Apart from the environmentally-friendly attribute and the versatility of customized recycled bags, a business can design them to fit within an enterprise’s demographic. There are several designs and marketing ideas that one can come up with in customizing their bags. This is because a large population loves them.

Business owners can give out their branded custom reusable bags at exhibits and trade shows. They could also give the bags as a free gift to customers who purchase their products or utilize their services. Or, they could choose to sponsor an event by giving them away. All these ideas can attract prospective customers.

3. Give Away Free Samples

Everyone loves free things. Even if some customers may question the offer, they could accept it after some little explanation. Business owners could just tell them to try it out to see if it really works. It could be that the customers would be happy with the product and come back and buy it or refer someone else.

However, it is important to plan for how long a business is going to give away free stuff from the beginning. Business owners may also determine the number of people that would enjoy the offer. Not everybody should get it. If the free commodity is scarce, it becomes more attractive. It’s like a bait and you can offer your bait by leveraging sales funnel software.

4. The Magic of Discounts and Deals

Discounts and deals work in the same way free samples do. They are a very creative and inexpensive way of attracting new customers to any business. They are also a great publicity tool. Most people view discounts and deals as great opportunities for saving money and enjoying products and services at low costs.


Every business, no matter how small it is, has the capacity to attract new potential customers. It doesn’t have to use complex and expensive advertising and marketing tools to achieve its purpose. Just simple things such as satisfying existing customers, offering discounts and deals, and using custom reusable bags can work well.

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