4 Myths about Teeth Aligners

4 Myths about Teeth Aligners

If you have been considering straightening your teeth, you may be mulling over the many options at your disposal. Perhaps traditional metal braces make you feel apprehensive, or you are not sure if your teeth are a good candidate for realignment.

If you have any doubts about the conventions of teeth alignment, perhaps it’s time to consider clear teeth aligners. They are a worthy contender for anyone who wants straight, healthy teeth. If you are not yet convinced, read on to learn about several myths that are now debunked about this innovative teeth-straightening process.

They Promote Poor Dental Hygiene

A major misconception is that clear flexible teeth aligners are a gateway to bad oral hygiene. In fact, this could not be farther from the truth. Unlike traditional braces, teeth aligners can and should be removed on a daily basis.

You can remove your aligner trays whenever you eat. You can even pop them out when you want a sip of tea or coffee. As you remove them, you can leave them out to soak or brush them clean. Therefore, they actually promote a more hygienic routine than any other prolonged cosmetic dental process.

They Stain Easily

Since today’s so-called invisible aligners are clear, many prospective patients fear that their flexible trays will stain easily. Since most modern aligners are made of silicone, they are very easy to keep clean and in great condition. Silicone does not stain easily.
Additionally, your dental practitioner will require you to take your aligners out at least once a day to soak or brush them. This cuts down on how often the aligners come in contact with food or drink. Also, keep in mind that the teeth alignment process is structured around changing old aligners out for new ones. You must replace your aligners with new ones every fortnight. This ensures that each aligner remains like new.

They Are Expensive

Clear aligners are a recent invention. They became widely available on the verge of the 21st century. That said, clear aligners are no more expensive than other teeth straightening methods. In fact, they are cheaper than traditional braces.

Silicone aligners are both faster and cheaper to produce than any component of traditional braces. Since patients see results much quicker with clear aligners than they do with braces, the overall cost of teeth straightening is significantly decreased in that sense as well.

You might assume that modern teeth aligners are not as effective at straightening teeth as traditional braces. After all, they are cheaper to obtain, and patients wear them for a shorter period of time than they would if they opted for braces. Also, the process of using clear silicone aligners is largely maintained outside of the dental practitioners’ office.

However, since the method of using silicone aligners is down to an exact science, there is less room for error. Everything, from the creation of your mold and tray to the strategic processes used to straighten teeth, is outlined and handled electronically. Your aligners are literally formed and printed by a computer based on the exact imprint of your set of teeth and how they are aligned versus how they should be aligned.

They’re Not as Effective as Braces

They are Only for Young Adults

If you think that clear teeth aligners are just for young people in their teens and twenties, think again. These aligners are suitable for people of any age. As long as you care to have straighter teeth and you are ready to maintain your aligners, you are a perfect candidate for this method.

There are a lot of myths about invisible or clear teeth aligners. Luckily, these myths can be easily debunked, and the facts make this teeth straightening method all the more enticing. If you need further information, you can always reach out to the dentist in roseville ca and feel confident with aligners.

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