4 Obvious Signs that your Home Needs Renovation

 4 Obvious Signs that your Home Needs Renovation


Normally, a new home should last for about a decade before showing signs of wear and tear (especially if it’s built with standard materials). However, that is not always the case. Your home may require renovation before that timeframe. And determining when to call in a professional renovation contractor depends on some signs.

Of course, the most obvious sign for a renovation is wear and tear, right? But what if we told you that there are more? Here are some obvious signs that show that your home needs renovation.

1) Leaking Roof

When it rains, do you notice a pool of water on the floor, either in the living room, corridor, or bedroom? If yes, it is best you trace the origin. The appearance of water on your floor whenever it rains is a sign that your roof is leaking. If that is the case, you don’t need a soothsayer to inform you that you need to renovate your home.

A leaking roof isn’t something you want to manage or ignore unless you want to wake up one day and find your home ruined by rainwater. If your roof was recently fixed, it could mean that you hired an incompetent roofing contractor. Whichever the case may be, ensure you conduct a roof inspection when you see a leak. The earlier you fix the roof, the better.

2) The need to modernize

You cannot keep using that ancient refrigerator that hikes your electric bill or those old appliances that make your home a living hell due to the heat or noise they emit.

If your home was built a decade ago—like a few homes in Johns Creek, Ga—the chances are that it’ll be riddled with old appliances and accessories that are out of use. If that is the case, you may want to renovate your home to replace those old home accessories and appliances that make your home look old, uneconomical, and unattractive.

So, take a good look at your accessories and appliances, and make a list of things that need updating. Is your refrigerator or heating system old? If yes, it might be contributing to your high energy bill. Change it. What about your mattress? Is it worn out or pretty stale? If yes, you may want to get a replacement from one of those mattress stores Johns Creek Ga where quality mattresses are sold.

At first, replacing old appliances may look like a total waste of money. But that isn’t often the case, especially when you replace an old appliance with an energy-efficient one or one that adds value to your home and cuts down your energy bill.

3) Pests

Pests can be likened to an unwanted guest in Johns creek, ga, that has no intention but to wreak havoc on your home and its accessories. Is your home ravaged with cockroaches, mice, rats, wasps, or even termites? If yes, there is no escaping the fact that your home needs a renovation.

Inspect your home to determine the extent of pest damage or infestation. If the extent of pest damage isn’t much, you may want to call in pest control rather than spend money on home renovation. If it is, you have no choice but to conduct a home renovation.

4) Constant drainage problem

Do you often experience constant plumbing problems? Do your kitchen pipes leak so often that after repairs, you can predict the next time they’ll leak? If you keep experiencing plumbing issues, it’s high time that you consider a home renovation.

Remember, plumbing issues are not something you joke with. For instance, water from a leaking pipe could easily find its way to the foundation of your home, thereby compromising its status. So act fast whenever you experience constant drainage issues to protect the quality of your home.


Financial issues can sometimes prevent you from conducting a home renovation, but the above signs call for rapid attention. Ensure that you conduct an inspection if you observe any of them. It could help in forestalling future issues that may require you to spend more.

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