4 Of the Easiest Woodworking Projects for Beginners

In every profession one has to start somewhere and being a beginner is not entirely that bad as it forms the foundation of learning your skill. In woodworking the project can range from simple projects to the advanced and complex projects. As a beginner, the most important thing is to choose a simple project which can act as a foundation as you master the skills and be able to handle complex projects. Choosing a simple project will help you practice on the basic skills that you have gained and at the same time give you an avenue to learn new and advanced skills through practice.  Here are the easiest woodworking projects for beginners.

  1.    A wooden Shoe Rack

In most homes, you will find a wooden shoe rack which is made in different design to hold the shoes for the family. The construction of the shoe rack is relatively simple and with the right tools and wood, this is a project which can be done in less than 2 hours. The tools which are needed are a couple of pieces of lumber, wood glue, detail sander and a couple of nails. Here as a beginner, there are many designs that one can come up with and still have a good wooden shoe rack.

  1.    A Wooden Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a popular project that any beginner can do this. This is because many people love bookshelf and you will find them in almost every homestead. The other reason as to why building a bookshelf is simple is because there are very many designs that one can come up with. In making a bookshelf one can choose to have fixed or adjustable book racks.  One can also use glass door or an open bookshelf. In making a bookshelf there are a wide rake of designs and artistic creation that a beginner can experiment with as they test their skills and master them.

  1.    A wooden Bench

This is another very simple woodworking project that any beginner can work in a few hours. This is because building a bench requires basic woodwork skills. The materials required are quite basic as it requires are a couple of boards, nails and wood polish. Again, here a beginner can experiment with a number of designs and come up with a wide variety of benches. The building of benches can offer good practice for a beginner to test their skills.

  1.    Wooden Candle Holder

A candle holder is another very simple project that any beginner can work on in just a couple of hours. The good thing about the candle holder is that it just requires the basic woodworking skills. The materials required are quite simple and the skills to assemble a wooden candle holder are quite basic. Here again, there are so many artistic designs that a beginner can come up with like the heart shaped candle holder and the broken heart shape among many other designs.

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