4 of the Safest Flowers for Dogs You Can Buy or Grow


4 of the Safest Flowers for Dogs You Can Buy or Grow

Flowers are a beloved piece of decor that people will use to improve the look of both their home and yard.

There are several benefits of having flowers at home. These range from cleaning the air, to improving your mood, to helping you relax. There are hundreds of different flowers to choose from, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. No matter your tastes, you are sure to be able to find one that you love.

While the looks of the flowers you want to have around the home are important, that isn’t the only thing to consider. If you have a pet dog also sharing your space, you need to ensure these are non-toxic flowers, as well. If not, even a small amount could be harmful to your pet.

But which flowers are safe to have around a home with a dog roaming around? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to take a closer look at. Keep reading to learn about four of the safest flowers for dogs.


Orchids are among the most beloved flowers out there, and they are generally safe for a home with a dog in it. They can be found all over the world and vary greatly in terms of color and size. They can make a great addition to any home and can fill it with bright colors.

While they can be challenging to grow at times, the resulting flower is very gorgeous and well worth the hard work. Using fertilizer can definitely help, but be aware that not all fertilizers will be dog-safe, so tread lightly. Also, because there are thousands of different kinds of orchids, it is always good to explicitly search for your chosen type of orchid to ensure it is safe.


If you want to ensure either your yard or home is full of a sweet fragrance all year long, consider picking up some petunias. A dog-safe flower, petunias are incredibly easy to grow and blossom, whether in a container or the ground. In addition to the amazing scent, petunias are very vibrant and often have very bright and colorful petals.

Generally, you should plant these in the spring and they will begin to bloom in the warmer summer months.


Roses are one of the most popular flowers to give as gifts, but can also be grown for yourself, as well. They are classically beautiful, come in a range of outstanding colors, and have a scent we all love. They are a perfect addition to a bedroom shelf, on the mantle, or even as the centerpiece on a table.

Not only that, but they are incredibly safe for both dogs and humans alike. In fact, many people will use parts of the rose, such as the petals or the rosehips, in various food dishes. While you shouldn’t encourage your dog to eat the petals off of your new roses, it likely wouldn’t cause them much harm if they did in most cases.

While the flowers themself aren’t toxic for your dog, the thorns on the stem could be painful if the dog comes in contact with the flower. As a result, try and keep these flowers higher up and away from where your dog could potentially get cut or scratched.


Few flowers come with as much inherent charm as sunflowers. They bring a smile to anyone’s face who sees them and are perfectly safe for pets like your dog to be around. Due to their size, they make a great addition to an outdoor garden, but can also be brought indoors as well.

These need a good amount of sun to grow successfully and can be a great way to attract more wildlife like birds into your yard. In addition to the flower itself, many people love to eat sunflower seeds as a healthy and tasty snack.

Any of the aforementioned four flowers should be completely dog-safe in your garden, on your table or on a shelf. Always do your research on the exact species, to be sure, but generally, these flowers are good options to consider.

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