4 Profitable Uses for Extra Home Space

4 Profitable Uses for Extra Home Space

We can all agree that extra space in your home is a pretty nice problem to have. Still, whether it’s because your children grew up and moved out or you just got lucky in the space race, finding a use for what you’ve got is a natural impulse.

Many of us end up just using extra space as an excuse to throw less away. Junk and forgotten possessions pile up in convenient storage areas, to glance at ruefully once a month. An oversized yard ends up just seeming like a lot more lawn to trim.

Come on, folks — we can do better. You could use extra space for creative pursuits, or you could even use it to pursue a profitable side hustle. You could do both at once. Here are a few ideas for how to do that.

1. Oversized Garage = Warehouse

With the right tools and some business sense, you can make a fine living as an FBA Amazon seller. Is it that easy? Surely you need something else? Oh right, a warehouse.

Bingo! Large garages are fairly common, and they’re commonly filled with things that don’t need to be there. Sort out your home inventory first, and then start thinking about how you can manage your seller inventory with this convenient space.

If you understand the basic rules of business, and you have the shop space, you only need to familiarize yourself with the platform. There are some intuitive and affordable FBA seller tools out there to help you buy and sell when it’s right. You could check out this Viral Launch Chrome extension – market intelligence review to get a grasp of how this works.

2. Spare Bedroom = Clothing Workplace

You might have a keen eye for cool designs and slogans that can be printed on clothing. You might like to embroider beautiful patterns on previously simple garments. You might even like to tailor clothes from scratch.

In any case, you make beautiful clothing and people will pay for that! The thing is, clothes take up space and should be stored away from the rest of your house. Add a few rails and some shelves and convert a spare bedroom into your walk-in fashion repository.

Let’s get rid of that TV for a start

3. Shed = Craft Shop

The would-be carpenter and their underused garden shed: a tale as old as time. Finding the time for carpentry is a lifelong challenge familiar to many of us — it’s never the right time. But that means it’s always the right time.

Start now. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve as a carpenter. Can you use a measuring tape, draw a line against a straight edge, and try your best to keep your fingers away from revolving blades? Congrats! You’re already 50% of the way to being a pro.

You don’t have to hand-carve delicate wooden figurines. You could just make nice chairs and tables. In fact, you’ll probably make a lot more money out of nice chairs and tables.

It’s not all about intricacy. Trust us, when you look at your first functional chair, you’ll be giddy with pride.

4. Huge Garden = Orchard

We’ll grant you, this one is a slow burner and certainly not an easy buck. It can take a few years for trees to produce fruit that you could theoretically sell, and you need a lot of trees. However, it’s a subject close to our heart (we have dreams too!)

Pick trees that suit your climate. Citrus trees grow well in sunny, humid climates — we’ve seen oranges the size of soccer balls down South. Hardy fruits like plums grow well in less forgiving conditions.

Never let geography tell you no! Growing delicious fruit is so rewarding and people love to buy home-grown.

Conclusion: See the Space

Take a quick walk around your home. Think of projects you’ve considered and forgotten again and again. Imagine if you could earn money from doing what you love. See the space and make it happen.

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